The Year of the Non Chase

Have you caught yourself reading every success oriented book about goals?

Then in the process of achieving them finding yourself exhausted and burned out?

You were chasing....

I have come to realize that setting goals are great, but chasing things leaves your tired and lack of energy.

In dating no one wants 120 text per day, same for achieving success, people who need your talent and skills will automatically show up in your life.

Did you ever hear of someone in the public eye getting their big break by being in a store and meeting a director or in an airport and striking up a conversation with a stranger only to find out that they sit on the board of a company that you want to do business.

It is all in timing and valuing yourself as a person not to chase things or people.

Good breaks come when you planted good seeds and just let them take flight.

Cheers to the non chase!!

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