There's Always A Rainbow

In today's world the overall ugliness of society can creep into our personal lives.

As I closed out a chapter of my life with a certain group of people, I thought all of those people in that group are closed minded and vicious.

However when I went last week to Men's Fashion Week, a taxi cab driver reminded me that not all people in a race are closed minded and vicious. He told me to keep my heart open.

As I went into Skylight, having had a meltdown in the taxi and going into the shows.

I went to the concession area and asked for some herbal tea. This guy who had an Australian accent, pointed out that my mascara ran and it looked as though I was crying and he didn't want a photographer to snap a photo of me with running mascara.

He asked why I was crying, I told him about the experience, he looked me in my eyes and said don't ever waste my time with filth, besides "your too pretty."

Just remember that no matter the darkness of some, there are some who do serve as rainbows.

Cheers to the rainbows of the world!!

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