Beauty Spot: We Heart...

This month we took $60.00 and said we were going to find the best all natural beauty products.

First stop: Whole Foods
Yes, many super center Whole Foods Stores have a beauty section.
1. Coconut Oil- Organic Unrefined USDA , Non GMO certified coconut oil, which is perfect for deep conditioner, based for homemade scrubs, etc. Or a plain moisturizer.

2. Alba Botanica
Hawaiian Body Polish, which is a sugar based scrub, sugar is great for the outside, but not to ingest it, if you have high blood pressure or pregnant, stay away from salt based products. This product has no parabens, phthalates, and 100 percent vegetarian.

3. Body Wash 32 oz. of unscented body wash that has no pesticides, parabens, etc.

I know you are like me you want some scent.

4. We went to Rain Store, which sells all organic bath and body products that is ethically sourced from South Africa. We bought pure Sweet Orange Essential Oil and put it in the unscented body wash.

Amazing! The results...

So how much was this portion of our beauty bill?

35.00 for the beauty products that will last us for 2 months.

Now for our fingers....

We went to Crabtree and Evelyn and they had a promotion buy two nail polishes  get one free, which is great plus they are five free! Bought two got the other one free, plus nail polish remover wipes that will remove their products and non toxic as well.

Plus we got free samples of their Shea butter moisturizer.

Total 22.00 dollars for products that will last one month because there bottles are shorter.

Now we read in our friends beauty trade magazine that all nail polishes and beauty items that are made in the USA by law must be Five Free.

So we checked out a nail polish brand in a drugstore which is manufactured in the USA, this brand had a sale of buy two for the price of one if you have a club membership. So we bought the 6 bottles for the price of two.

And our beauty products bill for 2 months came up to $60.00 exactly!!

Cheers to health and beauty!

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