Beauty Tips: Spring Cleanse

It's not what you think...We are not going to tell you to drink hot water and lemon and eat salads.

However, what we did notice was the amount of foundation and strobing that women do on a daily basis.

When we went to a determatologist, he advised us to only wear a full face, for special occasions, because he has seen a rise in cystic acne and skin diseases caused by excessive use of make up.

He also suggested whenever you have a break out, that you only wear lipstick and allow your face to heal.

Drinking water and will flush out the toxins, sleep will do great in skin cell rejenuvation.

Make up wipes are good however a facial cleanser will cut all the day's make up, natural oil, and pollution from you skin.

So here's to Spring cleaning and keeping your face the absolute best.

Cheers to looking great!

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