Tips for Caregivers

Most people in the course of their lifetime will be a caregiver, whether it is for a spouse, child, a parent, or a sibling, etc.

Here are some tips to keep you sane while caregiving.

1. If someone is angry or upset or becomes violent it is not about you, but they are angry at their situation, they are upset that they didn't heed the warnings of their doctors. NEVER take it PERSONAL!

2. Be with them more often. Now is not the time to be selfish and totally abandon someone because you emotionally can't deal with their illness or condition.

3. If you need to vent cry, express anger or whatever else then, do where the patient can't see you, it will make them feel bad.

4. Be present with them, if they want to talk about things, then fine, but don't burden them with your problems, especially if they are your parent because a parent will always worry about their children even subconsciously.

5. Take time for yourself. Personal care is very important, have neighbors or licensed professionals come in to watch your love one as you go and get your hair, nails, or doctors appointments.

6. Join a support group, but also join a group that you enjoy as well. If you love event planning and networking, then join a  group that throws parties or  link up with
an event planner or public relations firm.

7. Upgrade your skills, many people lose out on wages and skills being a caregiver. Many employers don't care, start now with online courses that are free, learn how to use social media, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are as still the leading social media vehicles right now. Even if you go for walks take pictures and upload them to social media.
Use Excel spreadsheets to keep the finances in order. Use Publisher for menus the important thing is to keep active and relevant.

8.  Have your living space clean and smelling nice, use essential oils in your bath or shower gels. Open Up windows to let the fresh air inside and circulate.

9. Watch comedies and play inspirational music distract yourself as much as possible in a positive way so you are not overwhelmed by the situation in your down time.

Cheers to be selected to being the most important person in some one else's time of need!

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