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Beauty Spot: Does This Work??

We all have heard that benefits of drinking lemon water. All the celebrities have touted this practice but does this work?We tried it for three weeks and the results were amazing!Not only was it a Thurston quencher, but it eliminates tons of toxins that you never knew existed. Which means you go to the bathroom a lot, but the benefits are amazing.My skin cleared up and looks so clear people think I am wearing foundation, but I am not.PMS migraines I use to get are no more because a doctor explained that hormone levels and the body's ph is neutralized. It also detoxifies the liver and kidneys so there is no build up of toxins to cause migraines.So yes does drinking lemon water help? Yes it does it does a total body cleanse without the cost.Another Does this work???
Charcoal based facial cleansing products, we tried several on the market and for a person who has oily skin, especially with the summer it was amazing. I can't believe how my face cleared up, which is amazing.So yes …

Summer Entertaining

You have friends coming over for the weekend what do you do?Here's a menu that will please everyone:Crackers with herbed cream cheese.Herbed Cream Cheese:
Soften cream cheese and add chopped garlic, parsley, chives.
Put in a small mold in the fridge over night.Cold Pickled Fish Salad
1. Soak salted cod or any salted fish overnight.
2. Change water add a little more water, for the rest of the day.
3.Remove the water. Add white vinegar, onions, fresh dill, vodka, and cappers cover for 48 hours. Go to the market:
Get crackers, vegetables- salad greens, carrots, and radishes.Get: Fresh Chicken, Sausage- kielbasa, chorizo, Italian, Rice, Smoked Paprika, Saffron, peas and carrots, small corn on the cob.Get: Liquid egg whites and chives.Get: Various FruitsMain course:
1. Clean chicken with lemon juice and fresh ground pepper.
2. Cut up various sausages.
3. In a large wok or pot add water to cover meats, put saffron and smoked paprika and rice.
4. Put stove on low heat.
5. When po…

Foodie Alert :Tropical Bread Pudding

It's the summer time and you eat more bread than the winter with hamburgers, hotdogs, bread for the grilled chicken sandwichs.So, one day I was looking at a day old bread and asked myself what am I going to do?Tropical Bread Pudding:
1. Tear pieces of bread in a mixing bowl into shreds.
2. Take 4 eggs beat them with coconut milk, cinnamon, vanilla, and rum, moisten the bread till soaked.
3. Mix in golden raisins, and shredded coconut and pineapple.
4. Line your baking dish with 1/4  stick of melted unsalted butter.
5. Pour mixture in the baking dish at 350 degrees until a clean knife comes out.Make this in the morning and refridge until ready to serve,Serve in slices heat in microwave for 10 seconds serve with bananas rum and flambe individually table side.Cheers to tropical bread pudding!

Our Summer Picks

Memorial Day weekend is officially here and if you are staying in the city you may want to check out:@NYX make up is having there grand store opening at Kings Plaza in Brooklyn Friday, May 27, 2016.@Samsung837 every Sunday at 11:00am is Yoga by Wanderlust.June is such a busy month:
June 2 is a Bridal Evening at Bloomingdales from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.June 3 is a Pit Bull concert part of GMA Summer Concerts SeriesJune 6-12, 2016
Williamsburg, Brooklyn is turned into the SWSX when for four days all of Williamsburg has the most creative and innovative minds descend badges are still on sale at
This year Rebecca and Uri Minkoff will be discussing Fashion Innovation.
Amazon's CTO will be discussing the latest trends in technology.Of course there is an extra day devoted to content.And if that doesn't keep you in sync...Our friends @TheThreeDay Rule along with Glamour Magazine is sponsoring an Night of Beauty June 16 and Hudson Terrace.
General Admission tickets are …

Real Lemonade: Nicky the Brow Lady

No, we didn't get an interview with Beyonce!But, we did have a chance to meet the most inspiring women in the beauty business "The Brow Lady."This weekend an esthetician named Nicky did a pop- up shop for Eyebrows in NYC. While speaking to Nicky, I wanted to know what made her solely focus on eyebrows.She informed me that she was a West Coast make up artists for a major movie studio, until her mother and aunt had breast cancer at different times of her life.Nicky notice that eyebrows are the first thing that a person loses when they are under going chemotherapy. She wanted both her mom and aunt to feel special so, she rededicated her craft to eyebrows.Nicky works her magic by not only giving all women that perfect shaped brow, but  if a person wants tattoo eyebrows she is highly skilled in that, her unique technique allows her to use mircofibers to give a woman that perfect shaped brow, which last two years.Nicky has launched her own eyebrow kit, which includes a highlig…

Likes and Followers Doesn't Matter

Most people when I say that I am a blogger, and we get to speaking, they want to know how many Unique Views, Twitter Followers, Instagram, and the list goes on....In the early days of me applying to every accelerator program there was, I noticed bloggers who only had a blog for less than a year with 7 million views and 100,000 Twitter followers.My analytic side said that this was not quite right, so as I saw the early bloggers rise and endorsement deals pour in, they did not translate this into in store sales or book purchases.Why???It really doesn't matter the followers, but the quality of followers, and the articles that are being posted.If you have 10 Followers and all are a major media company, Saks, Bill Gates, and Stanford, then those Followers are equal to 10 million. More than likely you will have a better sales with those than if you would a large followers. Just remember that when you are looking to hire a blogger and besides to include that in your media blogger kit.Che…

Beauty Spot: Prepping for Summer

We found some really amazing products that you can all find to give you that glow.Sally Hensen: Air Brush Legs
If you are like me who has some bruised legs but likes to wear shorts and dresses in the Spring and Summer. This product is for YOU. It gives amazing coverage and blends well.Khiel's Vitamin C and Midnight Recovery:
Can't afford laser treatments. If used consistently these two products along with sleep will give you amazing results after 4 weeks of consistent use.Dream Dry
They have an amazing product that covers all the gray hair with looking very natural. It is amazing and you can go light and it still will cover the gray.Nails:
Lavender is truly the color of the season for nail polish. It's neutral enough, but gives you that pop of color that is not distracting.Lips:
Neutrogena has made some wonderful chubby lipsticks that are amazing.
Red Berry
Dark Plum
These lipsticks give a more polished look, with a hint of color, so if you are at the beach you can …

Food Friday: Tamale Pie

We're back!!!So is Foodie Friday, today we are cooking tamale pie.First Step:
Brown Turkey Meat in a skillet with olive oil, garlic, and Latin Adobo seasoning. Drain and rinse one can of kidney beans stir in skillet and allow that to marry of the heat.Second Step:
Corn Batter
1. 1/2 cup of Masa
2. 1 can of Sweet Corn
3. 2 cups of Unsweetened Coconut MilkBlend my hand until it is of a soupy consistency.Take a baking dish put the ground meat and bean mixture in the bottom of the dish.
Pour the corn batter over the ground meat mixture.Bake at 350 degrees until corn mixture is half cooked at 20 min.Then sprinkle sharp cheddar and gueyre cheese bake for another 15 minutes.Serve hot with a salad. And a glass of Sangria.Cheers to Cinco de Mayo weekend dinner or brunch.

The Social Good and Goods of Business

The other day I went to an interesting panel discussion on how businesses can reach Millennials to incorporate technology and social good.Truth is Millennials are more socially responsible and aware than many marketing executives believe.This is a generation that was taught critical thinking skills at a very early age. They were exposed to an actual war 9-11 was real and was a war. Gen X might have had Cold War drills, but that never happened.Millennials are more health conscious, we have had a 12 year campaign to end obesity. Many of them are now home cooks, they demand transparency in the food chain and won't eat GMO foods.Also, Millennials just were made aware of bullying and are intolerant of inappropriate sexual advances from either sex.Millennials still can't figure out why therey cousins who are black are being killed by police who are white and they are white. Now back to entrepreneurs who are Millilenials, Facebook was started to connect people together after graduati…

ARROJO Salons: A Beauty Must !

Remember that TLC show "What Not To Wear"It was my Friday night staple as Clinton, Stacey, Nick and Carmindy transformed people into frummy to age appropriate amazing!We know Clinton is on The Chew, Stacy, has her own show and does The View Deals and Steals segment, Carmindy, launched her own beauty line, but....Whatever happened to Nick Arrojo? The amazing hairstylist that knows all hair textures and how to make anyone's hair look like a million.In November, I went to Fashionista beauty and fashion conference, which was excellent. In the swag bag, there was the most amazing Dry Shampoo from Arrojo, thought nothing of the name, until NOW!I am coming from a conference and in bold letters ARROJO Studio I walk in and it is Nick Arrojo happy doing a client's hair. As he finished one client, he happily met with another and took a question from a staff member.I was so impressed because Mr. Arrojo looked so happy and blissful. The receptionist told me he is always like this…