ARROJO Salons: A Beauty Must !

Remember that TLC show "What Not To Wear"

It was my Friday night staple as Clinton, Stacey, Nick and Carmindy transformed people into frummy to age appropriate amazing!

We know Clinton is on The Chew, Stacy, has her own show and does The View Deals and Steals segment, Carmindy, launched her own beauty line, but....

Whatever happened to Nick Arrojo? The amazing hairstylist that knows all hair textures and how to make anyone's hair look like a million.

In November, I went to Fashionista beauty and fashion conference, which was excellent.

In the swag bag, there was the most amazing Dry Shampoo from Arrojo, thought nothing of the name, until NOW!

I am coming from a conference and in bold letters ARROJO Studio I walk in and it is Nick Arrojo happy doing a client's hair. As he finished one client, he happily met with another and took a question from a staff member.

I was so impressed because Mr. Arrojo looked so happy and blissful. The receptionist told me he is always like this and he is big on educating the next generation of hair stylist.

He does this through his own school ARROJO in which all aspiring hairstylist must pass the rigorous NYS licensing exams and he then teaches the stylist about the retail business of running a salon.

Mr. Arrojo loves his business, that he will not have his students work on clients hair. He has the flagship ship store in Tribeca, NY and another one in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Also the quality of products such as the anti frizz hair serum, the Rosemary shampoo that is made with botanicals and of course the Dry Shampoo can all be bought at the salons or online.

So, the summer kicks off this weekend with Derby Parties all over Manhattan, you should make an appointment today at an ARROJO Studio at 180 Varick St., NY, NY. 212-242-7786.

Cheers to your summer hair looking amazing Thanks to ARROJO Studio!

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