Beauty Spot: Does This Work??

We all have heard that benefits of drinking lemon water. All the celebrities have touted this practice but does this work?

We tried it for three weeks and the results were amazing!

Not only was it a Thurston quencher, but it eliminates tons of toxins that you never knew existed. Which means you go to the bathroom a lot, but the benefits are amazing.

My skin cleared up and looks so clear people think I am wearing foundation, but I am not.

PMS migraines I use to get are no more because a doctor explained that hormone levels and the body's ph is neutralized. It also detoxifies the liver and kidneys so there is no build up of toxins to cause migraines.

So yes does drinking lemon water help? Yes it does it does a total body cleanse without the cost.

Another Does this work???
Charcoal based facial cleansing products, we tried several on the market and for a person who has oily skin, especially with the summer it was amazing. I can't believe how my face cleared up, which is amazing.

So yes lemon water and charcoal based products are essential for some one looking for an internal and external cleanse.

Cheers to beauty!

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