Beauty Spot: Prepping for Summer

We found some really amazing products that you can all find to give you that glow.

Sally Hensen: Air Brush Legs
If you are like me who has some bruised legs but likes to wear shorts and dresses in the Spring and Summer. This product is for YOU. It gives amazing coverage and blends well.

Khiel's Vitamin C and Midnight Recovery:
Can't afford laser treatments. If used consistently these two products along with sleep will give you amazing results after 4 weeks of consistent use.

Dream Dry
They have an amazing product that covers all the gray hair with looking very natural. It is amazing and you can go light and it still will cover the gray.

Lavender is truly the color of the season for nail polish. It's neutral enough, but gives you that pop of color that is not distracting.

Neutrogena has made some wonderful chubby lipsticks that are amazing.
Red Berry
Dark Plum
These lipsticks give a more polished look, with a hint of color, so if you are at the beach you can do an all nude look with the Carmel.
Also these colors highlights any natural tan and makes you look wonderful.

Beachfront dinners are wonderful, Cover Girl makes these wonderful shimmer lipsticks, that are great!

Pull it all together with legs, eyes, lips, nails, and hair you are looking like a true knock out.

Cheers to being a Summer Beauty!!!!

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