Likes and Followers Doesn't Matter

Most people when I say that I am a blogger, and we get to speaking, they want to know how many Unique Views, Twitter Followers, Instagram, and the list goes on....

In the early days of me applying to every accelerator program there was, I noticed bloggers who only had a blog for less than a year with 7 million views and 100,000 Twitter followers.

My analytic side said that this was not quite right, so as I saw the early bloggers rise and endorsement deals pour in, they did not translate this into in store sales or book purchases.


It really doesn't matter the followers, but the quality of followers, and the articles that are being posted.

If you have 10 Followers and all are a major media company, Saks, Bill Gates, and Stanford, then those Followers are equal to 10 million.

More than likely you will have a better sales with those than if you would a large followers.

Just remember that when you are looking to hire a blogger and besides to include that in your media blogger kit.

Cheers to quality over quantity!


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