Character vs Position

Many people are super impressed with people who have excelled in their careers and some who have amassed a fortune on the way.

However,  as we have seen in this election,  and we at Positivexpert have said it is character that will sustain your success.

We are not saying that everyone has and will make mistakes, however it is  dangerous to only  put in high regard those in society with wealth and power, and  disregard who they are as a person.

Society has long given passes to people whom have such positions, while disrespecting people who don't have a  voice or do not know how to  articulate that voice.

Even in our own families, how many times do we allow a sibling, an aunt or an uncle, cousin, etc. to say anything about anyone. Or if someone gets into trouble we make excuses instead of holding them accountable for their actions.

If we start where we are in our communities by not tolerating bad behavior especially with our children,  then we can begin to see a true  civil society.

Cheers to those who are creating a  civil society by taking inventory of themselves first!

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