Fall is for Love: Watch Your Pattern !

Are you or do you know a person who always has relationship drama?

This season many women and men want to cuddle by the fire place with someone make sure it is the right person.

1. You need to take inventory of your  dating history :

1a. Are you attracted to  emotionally unavailable men?
Men or women who are in a  committed relationship.
Men or women who are in jail or in another state or country.
Have you broken the girlfriend or man code, which is not to date any of people whom your squad has been intimate.

2. Do you want a relationship with someone to enhance your social status?
Men and women are guilty of this men get involved and stay involved strictly for looks and how they are viewed by their peers. Women get involved strictly for money they want the good life and know their looks in certain cases is the fastest way to get them to a financial goal.

3. Do you want children or not want children?
Many women want children with wealthy men to secure their financial status but are not responsible to be parents. Or are you with a  person who doesn't want children, but think they will change over time.

4. Are you attracted to people whom you think you  can save?
Certain people are attracted to highly character flawed people with the hope that they can save or change them, truth is you are not their therapist or financial advisor .

Really take a look at these four questions and ask yourself am I truly ready for a  relationship .

If you answered or was in the past guilty of these things STOP!

YOU are continuing a cycle of dysfunction that you subconsciously learned.

To break free go to places where you have things with people who you have things in common with same school,  hobbies,  volunteer activities, travel buddy.

Step outside your comfort zone do something with different groups of people,  expand your social network,  increases your chances of finding the perfect person for you.

Cheers to attract the type of love!

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