Glam Lifestyle For Less

We see a lot of people who promote how glamorous their lives are and event website that only promote invite only events.

As a result we have seen in society such jealousy and hatred of skyrocketing proportions, which really isn't good or positive.

So we complied a list of resources that you can go to, be in the know about fab events so you can enjoy the GLAM LIFE for LESS .

1. You Are On the List:
They have great events such as going to a fashion presentation at Bloomingdales  with the Fashion Director of Bloomingdales.

2. Samsung 837
This is such an amazing store with all Samsung products, but they also have free concerts and Timo Weiland had his fashion presentation at that location for September NYFW.

3. The Microsoft Store
The Fifth Avenue location has events from viewing a fashion show to football fans getting an autograph by their favorite star to previewing the latest in gaming and X box features.

4. Co working spaces
They have a  ton of events from securing free capital to testing beauty products,  etc.

5. Eventbrite
They have everything from product launches, Halloween Parties,  Foodie events,  etc.

Rule of thumb take one hour out of your life and do a little research, you will be surprised at how much is available to you!

Cheers to enjoying the Glam Life for Less!

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