Last Quarter Goals: Cautious Frugality

Where have we been?

Well we were prepping for a speaking engagement and for those who cannot attend here is what we learned about money and savings :

1. A true deal is one that you can get without traveling more than 10 miles from your home to get.

2. Take monthly inventory of what you already have in terms of Beauty, household items, clothes.

3. When you shop only go into stores with cash, no credit cards  or debit. Make sure you have transportation and only buy what the  cash in your hand can afford.

4. Don't spend so much time looking for deals that you don't have time to go out and enjoy your new outfit or make up that you scored below retail.

5. If people ask you about your style don't tell them and don't show off essentially  don't make people angry or envious.

6. Take time to join activities independent from work and getting deals.

7. Pay full price for something at least twice a week. This would break any type of addictive pattern for "getting " things.

8. Although being frugal and getting good deals can be fun, limit yourself because what we have seen are people who develop a deceptive mentality, which is dangerous because these people would always think that they can get over on people, which ruins friendships and breaks trust in people.

9. It is fun saving money and being frugal,  but just do it in moderation.

Cheers to cautions frugality!

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