Personal Care: Why Everyone Needs It

Personal Care we all hear about it, it is the latest catch phrase, but really what is it?

It is taking care of yourself, your physical,  emotional and mental needs.

I learned that when I stopped bending over backwards to please people that were never going to like me, that  emotionally I experienced a joy and freedom and peace.

Physically,  I am  not a big gym person,  but I love to walk it clears the mind. Plus it isn't damaging as running or other forms  of excerise.

Mentally,  I make sure I read or research something twice a week. It keeps the brain agile and you become more aware of people around you.

Deflect anything negative,  no news,  only positive music and people who don't  complain or take themselves too seriously.

A sign of someone great is someone, who  doesn't take themselves seriously.  I am fortunate to have met a lot of people who you would  never know,  what families they are from,  etc. Because they don't take themselves seriously.

Personal care also states to be so focused on you that you have no time for the haters in your life.

Cheers on focusing on what makes you happy!

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