Beauty Spot : Fall Review

We didn't forget about the our favorite thing beauty!

These are the amazing results we found at Target and other mass retailers:

Yes to Carrots:
They have an amazing Primrose Oil that works well with their Mud Mask with a Primrose Base.

Mascara: Maybelline
We went full out on this :
Falsie and Angel
Falsie will give you the full on Glam look while we use Angel to separate the lashes.

Eyeshadow: Maybelline
They have an amazing eyeshadow in bold colors for the fall and holiday season.

Lips: Loreal
There are so many lip kits out there that we specifically bought the Loreal Nude Lip Kit,  we also bought a brown lip liner to use for the kit results are pretty fab.

Bronzer: Physicians Formula
Many women are now for going blush or highlighters,  for  a great glow, which can be found in this Physicians Formula.

So there is  our best in the mass retailers to get you looking amazing for the Fall and beyond.

Cheers to great beauty!

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