Men's Fashion: Where It Started

Last week was a great time to attend Fashionista Con 's conference.

The first panel was Men’s Moment in Fashion  and the founder of Todd's, Timo Weiland,  the Vice President of Barney 's was addressing why men's Fashion is so big today.

Then, I those thought about the research I did for a job for a luxury men fashion group.

Men has always had a  great force in fashion.
Many of the early immigrants in this country were artisans in fashion  from Europe.
Early luxury department stores such as Martins, catered to the custom man's suit, in fact many men suiting were more expensive than a  bridal gown. The pocket watch and the  signet pinky ring.

Ties made out of silk, and silk blend, many  men wore there best wherever.

All men's suit's and shoes were custom made and although Levi's is an American jeans company, men never wore jeans to work or even around the house.

In the days of Sinatra and all the crooners,  American Men’s Fashion became commercialization with the Stenson man. The Stenson hat lead into the marketing  of Chevrolet and then into Stenson cologne and mass marketing into male grooming.

Even in the 60's the zoot suit, the large hat  made out of felt and was inclusive.

The 70's and 80's we saw the Preppy movement as well as start if the Hip Hop Fashion with the  Graffiti Jackets, Nike, Adidas with Run DMC.

Even when men weren't in the front designing fashion they started fashion houses such as Bill Blass, Yves St. Laurent, Calvin Klein.

And the who can forget about the costume designers Bill Mackie,  who made Cher's famous dress for the Oscars in the 80's who made costume designers mainstream.

Even the power suit for women  was designed with the large shoulder pads were borrowed from men's suiting.

So Men's Fashion has always had a  moment and started the current Men Fashion WEEK.

Cheers. ..


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