Men's Grooming :Mass Retailers

Men's Grooming making a comeback,  especially with mass retailers. It use to be Axe was the only option for men.
However,  what we noticed was the influx of several other brands that specifically  catered to the men's Grooming market.

There are now several varieties of:
Old Spice,  there is Old Spice Sport,  Old Spice Regular and Old Spice Swagger.
Yes Old Spice Swagger,  not only is the scent amazing, but from what we heard the longevity of it is great as well.

Yes Axe does have different varieties such as Black Phoenix,  Tropical,  and other scent, but they have a full range of hair care products from pomades, to hair spritzer for that crunchy spiky look.

Then, there is Dove for Men,  that  are not as highly scented and are great for Men with sensitive skin.

The key to these  products are they have a  layering effect, the body wash is the foundation, then there is the lotion and the body spray. They all build in combination of each other.

So for the perfect date night it is definitely Old Spice Swagger for Men.

Although Axe is still popular, most men prefer their hair care products to that of their body wahes.

And Dove gets a  kudos for moisturizer and skin sensitivity.

So, if you are looking for great grooming products that is sold by a  mass retailers  for Men, then use our guide.

Cheers !!

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