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Diguise Bad Hair during NYFW

It is NYFW and you just came out of getting a great blow out,  then as you pull up to the first venue, your hair is flat or a wind storm made it look like a bird's nest.Wig or hair piece right,  nope.1. Always have an embellished hair clip, so you can do a side pony tail in a minute. 2. Top knots are still my go to with jewel hairpins,  classy and different.3. Headbands get metallic fabric paint and jewelry from Micheal's with fabric glue  and you are good to go!4. Any side part you will make your  hair look longer than expected.5. Slick back get out the thick pomade and with a water bottle slick your hair back.Those are the tricks to still looking cute during NYFW  even if you have a bad hair day.Cheers!

Beauty Prep for NYFW

By this time your calendar should be booked with shows that you want or need to see.

So how do you prep your face for the step and repeats and the endless photographs.

1. Make sure you use Micellar Facial Cleanser

2. Then a soft gentle cleanser such as Grace cleanser.

3. To tighten pores use a rose scented witchazel that you can buy

4. If your face is dry then use a face oil.

Repeat twice a day.

My personal prep is :

1. beauty flash balm.

2. facial masks for both day and night.

3. Facial Oil is

Hair is a must, my go to is they have a wonderful fluidose which is a deep conditioner that takes the most brittle hair and makes it gorgeous, it opens at 6 am, get their early!

If your are in between coloring, my go to coloring spray is, it does amazing things in terms of covering all roots and it is so gentle and non toxic. All of their products are amazing!

Two days before Fashion Week, get a professional facial,…

NYFW Men: How to Look Like A Star!

NYFW is here starting with the Men next week, then ending around Feb. 16.

So how does a Fashionista look like a star without looking repetitive.

The Basics: Pants

1. Black Pants
2. Dark Rinse Jeans
3. Flare Pants
4. Circle Skirt

With Black being the basic pants you can swap out anything for anything.

Use pops of color such as:
Hot Pink, Purple, Turquoise, for day into evening events.

Evening Events:
Same black or dark rinse jeans now where you get into metallic sweaters, peplum dark jean jackets with gold and silver tone jewelry.

Statement necklaces are really out, but a girl needs a little bling, large hoops always works well with any dresses or any pantsuits.

If you have a simple tote then use it, you will be going on average to 10 shows a day, and make sure you have a reliable tote bag that can handle a change of top and shoes and over course your glam case.

Avoid them at any and all costs. Many people are allergic to scents and if you are not going on a date. Make sure your hygi…

Achieving the Golden Look

We are in the midst of winter in NYC and you are talking about "the Golden Look ."Yeah, I am not talking about bronzer either.Everything begins with skin care so find yourself the best gentle cleanser according to your budget.Next is face oil which is so essential to a soft face or the best olive oil you have.Then take a brown lipstick and  fill out your lips, then take a lighter color I love the Loreal Paris Nude Palate Lip Kit and swipe the light color over your lips. I love Razin blush by MAC that gives your cheeks a St. Barts glow along with a eyebrow highlighter that European Wax Center makes I use it under the eyes as a concealer.Along with mascara you have achieved a great Golden Look even if you are still in NYC or Chicago. Cheers!

Your Definition of Success

You may be unemployed or in a less than glamourous job or field. Let's face it a teacher never won an Academy Award.

I had to figure out if I was successful after my Dad died, my older siblings who are decades older than me have fabulous jobs and are married with children, and who have fabulous social circles and vacation in the Hamptons, Vermont, Hawaii, ski, etc.

So really had to think hard if I was successful, after all I am a "blogger" and those are writers who can't find real jobs or writers who aren't employed at a big masthead.

Well, because of my "blog" I have met some of the most interesting people of my life, I have been to the most amazing events, explored industries that I would have never considered before, while taking care of my Dad.

Being a blogger allowed me at the time when my Dad was alive to spend valuable time with him and hear his wisdom and time travel to the 40's when he was in that era, or great lessons in Sanitation, when h…

Subscription Box Update

The last time we did a
"Battle of the Boxes " it was between Allure Beauty Box and Essence Beauty Box. Essence Beauty Box went out of business. SEE YA! We are have tried Allure,  Target and Walmart, and Net a Porter. Allure had some problems because it appeared that they were recycling product,  with a  perfume and a  particular cosmetic. However,  what actually happened was the perfume maker had 6 versions that they were test marketing to customers. The same for the make up brand. Fast Forward December 2016 in Fine Department Stores was 3 out of the six versions of the perfume. Sold in wonderful gift sets. Also the make up brand everyone was complaining about is now in Ulta Beauty. The reasons for so many customer complaints was people didn't understand that many products are given to the beauty boxes customers to test out before they do a full product launch. It makes good business sense, but most people want what the Editor In Chief has, which are products that they are al…

Monday Motivation: Success

If you are successful, you probably are not reading this,  but if you want to knock it out the park this year:This what you will NEED to do:
1. Don't complain!
2. Don't expect to be spoon fed everything, people will give you a start it is up to you to take the ball and run with it.
3. Don't waste people 's time!
4. Shut up if someone didn't ask you then mind you business!
5. Be grateful and show your gratitude to everyone who has helped you because people don't have to be nice to YOU!
6. Be frugal, but don't be cheap!
7. Have a great disposition on life!No one wants to be around a Debbie Downer!

Monday 's Motivation 2017!

2017 is here!We are not going to tell you how to achieve your goals that is too personal.But what we can tell you:1. Incovience yourself once a week to improve the lives of others, if that means sending a Starbucks Coffee Card to someone you see giving it their all. Or whatever you are inclined to do.2. Remain humble good things are going to come to you, but the key thing is to remain humble. 3. Laugh often, even if it is at yourself,  the best laughs I have had, have been through my own experiences.4. Pray and be optimistic,  life and it's beauty and blessings go on in spite of the news.5. Be flexible,  you are so sure about a deal or a  business and then you find out that you have reached your potential in that area. Take your foundational knowledge and open to future opportunities.6. People are doing the best they can at any given time so cut people some slack.7. Humility begins with gratitude, so count your blessings everyday.8. Enjoy life as much as you can  between working a…