Diguise Bad Hair during NYFW

It is NYFW and you just came out of getting a great blow out,  then as you pull up to the first venue, your hair is flat or a wind storm made it look like a bird's nest.

Wig or hair piece right,  nope.

1. Always have an embellished hair clip, so you can do a side pony tail in a minute.

2. Top knots are still my go to with jewel hairpins,  classy and different.

3. Headbands get metallic fabric paint and jewelry from Micheal's with fabric glue  and you are good to go!

4. Any side part you will make your  hair look longer than expected.

5. Slick back get out the thick pomade and with a water bottle slick your hair back.

Those are the tricks to still looking cute during NYFW  even if you have a bad hair day.


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