Monday 's Motivation 2017!

2017 is here!

We are not going to tell you how to achieve your goals that is too personal.

But what we can tell you:

1. Incovience yourself once a week to improve the lives of others, if that means sending a Starbucks Coffee Card to someone you see giving it their all. Or whatever you are inclined to do.

2. Remain humble good things are going to come to you, but the key thing is to remain humble.

3. Laugh often, even if it is at yourself,  the best laughs I have had, have been through my own experiences.

4. Pray and be optimistic,  life and it's beauty and blessings go on in spite of the news.

5. Be flexible,  you are so sure about a deal or a  business and then you find out that you have reached your potential in that area. Take your foundational knowledge and open to future opportunities.

6. People are doing the best they can at any given time so cut people some slack.

7. Humility begins with gratitude, so count your blessings everyday.

8. Enjoy life as much as you can  between working and grinding and slaying it, take  one day out of the week to enjoy life.

9. Balance is, key and so is self care, so men and women need to eat right,  get your check ups and put down all technology. They can wait!

Cheers to Motivation Monday  2017!

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