NYFW Men: How to Look Like A Star!

NYFW is here starting with the Men next week, then ending around Feb. 16.

So how does a Fashionista look like a star without looking repetitive.

The Basics: Pants

1. Black Pants
2. Dark Rinse Jeans
3. Flare Pants
4. Circle Skirt

With Black being the basic pants you can swap out anything for anything.

Use pops of color such as:
Hot Pink, Purple, Turquoise, for day into evening events.

Evening Events:
Same black or dark rinse jeans now where you get into metallic sweaters, peplum dark jean jackets with gold and silver tone jewelry.

Statement necklaces are really out, but a girl needs a little bling, large hoops always works well with any dresses or any pantsuits.

If you have a simple tote then use it, you will be going on average to 10 shows a day, and make sure you have a reliable tote bag that can handle a change of top and shoes and over course your glam case.

Avoid them at any and all costs. Many people are allergic to scents and if you are not going on a date. Make sure your hygiene is on point.

Cheers to looking like a Fashionista Star see you next week at NYFW!

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