Subscription Box Update

The last time we did a
"Battle of the Boxes " it was between Allure Beauty Box and Essence Beauty Box.
Essence Beauty Box went out of business. SEE YA!
We are have tried Allure,  Target and Walmart, and Net a Porter.
Allure had some problems because it appeared that they were recycling product,  with a  perfume and a  particular cosmetic.
However,  what actually happened was the perfume maker had 6 versions that they were test marketing to customers.
The same for the make up brand.
Fast Forward December 2016 in Fine Department Stores was 3 out of the six versions of the perfume. Sold in wonderful gift sets.
Also the make up brand everyone was complaining about is now in Ulta Beauty.
The reasons for so many customer complaints was people didn't understand that many products are given to the beauty boxes customers to test out before they do a full product launch.
It makes good business sense, but most people want what the Editor In Chief has, which are products that they are already using.
Target,  yes Target launched their own beauty boxes, that is seasonal with coupons to go in and get the latest brands. They are 5.00 for shipping and usually sells out extremely fast.
Target's Beauty Department is in such high demand they have to hire a  professional aesthetician to answer customer questions.
Walmart,  yup, for five dollars you can get the latest seasonal products as well as coupons to use at Walmart,  which is great.
Based on a questionnaire,  they will send you a box either Trendsetters or Original.
Net -a Porter is going into Saks or Neiman  Marcus and getting all the samples. They only have a box twice a year  in November and April/May.
Do we live off of samples only? No!  We do buy products that have fully launched from love the Olive Oil Klorane Shampoo, which is my go to shampoo.  European Wax Studio Highlighter as a go to contouring product. Marc Jacobs beauty products especially the creamy lipsticks.
And the Yes to Carrots line, nail polishes, etc.
So in either case is a win, you just need to know your end game!

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