Your Definition of Success

You may be unemployed or in a less than glamourous job or field. Let's face it a teacher never won an Academy Award.

I had to figure out if I was successful after my Dad died, my older siblings who are decades older than me have fabulous jobs and are married with children, and who have fabulous social circles and vacation in the Hamptons, Vermont, Hawaii, ski, etc.

So really had to think hard if I was successful, after all I am a "blogger" and those are writers who can't find real jobs or writers who aren't employed at a big masthead.

Well, because of my "blog" I have met some of the most interesting people of my life, I have been to the most amazing events, explored industries that I would have never considered before, while taking care of my Dad.

Being a blogger allowed me at the time when my Dad was alive to spend valuable time with him and hear his wisdom and time travel to the 40's when he was in that era, or great lessons in Sanitation, when he line the garbage cans with newspapers before garbage bags.

Also, it allowed me to slow down and stop chasing, I was always chasing the next big thing or had a social service project or professional association meeting to attend.

Now, I felt peaceful, I know that my greater good is out there, whatever I want in life I can have without the pressure of the one man up ship that occurs in our society. My motto is if it doesn't bring you peace then don't do it.

January is the month of goal setting and weight loss plans, vision boards, but in a blink of an eye that can all be gone or changed.

When you live a life of gratitude, that is when you will ultimately find the peace you need and enjoy.

Cheers to being a success at whatever you do and having the peace that passes all understanding while doing it!

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