Beauty Needs for Valentines Day

Many of you are wondering what will my significant other give me or what should I give him?

But, for me it is all about the prep...


Start now with the amazingly sugar scrubs from highest price point which can be bought at or other fine retailers and on there website or store, then use a great body oil.

We found this works wonders at organic argan oil and when you mix it with bronzing oil it gives an amazing healthy glow to your skin.


Everyday if you don't wear makeup you should cleanse with a micellar water from

Then and light cleanser from followed by a face oil, we love primrose oil, we do this every day, twice a day and our skin feels great and amazing.


Valentine's Day you should begin your day with sugar scrub from tree hut that can be found at or, then heat for 2 min. in the microwave a high quality olive oil and soak your hands in the oil and using a cuticle stick, push back your cuticles after a 5 min. soak.

Then do a base coat and let it dry and use light or nude pigments on your nails, never cut cuticles, and trim all hangnails.


Even if you are going to wear your hair in a topknot, when it comes cascading down, you want your hair to feel silky. has a wonderful line of products from color protected to this thick mask that would leave the most brittle hair soft and silky.

If you are in between color treatments then the most amazing product can be found at, they give great coverage without you feeling that you sprayed a bunch of chemicals in your hair.


If you are going for bikini and Brazilian waxes now is the time to do not, Feb. 13 or 14 your skin needs time to heal. We highly recommend or European Wax Centers with their amazing technicians, they can sculpt your brow to everything.

Those are our picks for an amazing and beautiful Valentine's Day.


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