How to Wear Outfits for the Spring

This Spring we are seeing a lot of floral, denim, and military styles.

You may ask so how do I wear these trends without looking like everyone else.

Floral Look:

If you are wearing a single floral skirt then go solid with the top, or if you are wearing a completely embellished floral dress leave it alone and just wear it as is, great options on the lower end are from, mid range options are at, and luxury items we recommend

The Denim:

We see the high rise or Mom jeans are back in style, the deconstructed oversized chambray colored denim shirts that you can wear day or evening. Also, we are seeing constructed denim dresses, that are body con, or scoop neck that if worn with pearls can pass for a great formal first date.

The stores that have these looks are for the lower price point, mid range price is and luxury is They have all of the denim needs in the styles we discussed previously.

Military Style:

Whether it is a classic military style jacket, a sequined military dress which I have that has a white background, or a military style hat this look is for the Spring Summer, you can purchase them at lower price point, mid point range and luxury at

We have noticed the large tote is out and smaller bags not crossbody but small clutches in constructed forms are the key accessory you can check, and for all of your needs.

Cheers to celebrating spring in style!

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