NYFW MEN Season 4- Recap

As Skylight Terminal transforms itself for NYFW Women, we had yet another incredible round of shows at NYFW Men.

The theme was functionality with regards to ready to wear, buying it right off the runway, we didn't see any of those looks or that hype.

Designers are more about can a man wear this and would a store buyer give us a purchase order?

Here is our recap:

Nick Graham show which was about Mars and everyone was show up looking "spacey."

The beauty of Nick Graham now covering his shows for the third season straight, is he takes a theme such as Mars and the buyers, blogger,and other press are standing in a room, that looks like we are on the set of Star Wars and makes his clothes impeccably functional and highly tailored.

Bill Nye comes out in a sliver tuxedo jacket with black space ships that are subtle and a wonderfully tailored pant and a Bowie with his signature hat, and you expect silver people coming out.

Our favorite looks are the red satin evening jackets with the silver accents, was a homage to the red of Mars and the Silver was homage to Dr. Buzz Aldridge who was the first man to step on the moon, who also walked the runway.

Down to the belts everything in the Nick Graham collection will be available at Barney's.

General Idea was the next stand out to us, where Nick Graham is more of a tailored look, General Idea 's look is deconstructed in black, gray, white, navy blue and olive green are the primary colors for this entire collection. The entire look also had a bit of military jacket or coat theme to it, but very subtle, the hardware and notions on the coats and jackets were silver to bring out the color of the garment.

General Idea took the deconstructed look and elevated it to something that any man can wear anytime and still look pulled together. I would recommend this look to any techie or VC funder, sorry it's time to give the hoodie a rest.

Paloma Spain was the most artistic in it's representation and the show was a homage to sexual being in all of us, there were over 3,000 red calla lilies at the show need I say more...

However, the look that was amazing was the purple two piece suit which the jacket looked like a two piece, but was amazing. We have seen the male skirt done before but, their interpretation was a classy look, and the hounds tooth print two piece suit with the red collar, instead of a scarf  was interesting and a well done interpretation of a classic colors with a twist.

Palmiers du Mal this show was standing room only, but it was worth the wait!
What stood out for us was the use of two tone color blocking that Narissco Rodriguez is famous for in Women's Wear, and the use of color blocking from blazers made out of suede and built on the classic colors such as blue, green, pink, and gray, to the diamond rose top that looked so good we all wanted to buy it right then and there!

Also we saw an Emerald Green top that looked great, so when you think outside of the box the coloration scored high with this collection.

Deavaux Collection was a mix of Men and Women's Wear, we saw classic slip dresses then the show stopper a wheat colored two piece bulky sweater and tailored pant. Again it was a toss up between deconstruction paired with highly tailored piece. So for us it gave us that option to pair it with something else if a man needed to or not.

Accessories Collection:
We saw everything from insect inspired lapel pins, to a classic felt hats even one in dusty rose, to jewelry that was Native American inspired to bright colored backpacks.

A Sincere Thanks to all the designers who invited us to their amazing shows and presentations, it was a great to be inspired by people who are so talented and make their talent available to the masses.

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