President's Day: Retail Therapy

You are home for a long weekend if you are in the East Coast last weekend you went to grocery stores stood in lines forever to stock up on essentials, then you hauled tons of water and did the snow patrol with sidewalks and steps, checked in on the elderly, you deserve some RETAIL THERAPY!!!!

How can you take advantage of the amazing sales going on NOW!!

1. Good Morning America Winter Beauty Sale going on right now until Feb. 17 at midnight. Until supplies last you can score amazing prices on beauty items from etc. go immediately! I scored on a root touch up product that I was willing to spend 30.00 and got it for half the price!

2. Forever21:
If you are cruising the wall Early this weekend, then check into Forever 21 where you can score always in the back of the store Buy One get One Free! Yes, the marked down inventory is amazing! I scored a chiffon flower skirt with a slip dress for 14.00. The skirt I got so many compliments it was amazing! Check, in stores.

3. Macys:
Since Macy's said it was closing stores, I noticed they have been having secret sales, you can get latest styles of shoes, sandals, booties, for 80 percent discount. The online sales have been so crazy that the UPS guy in my neighborhood said "You ladies are buying them out before they can go out of business. Thanks for amazing new shoe collection for the Spring and Summer!

4. New York and Company
This is my everything mid range store, when they have there 80 percent off specials trust me it is the time to buy! I bought and olive green jumpsuit, a white ruffle blouse, olive green off the shoulder blouse, three dresses two in a print and one in a solid color all for under 150.00 dollars. Thank you

5. Get the app for additional stores and when you are in the mall and need a has buy one get one free!

Get in on the deals NOW!! You deserve it!


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