The Beauty Spot: Spring Break : Part 1

Greetings Positive Peeps!

This edition of the Beauty Spot, we have tried some awesome products and this is what we think is going to be hot for Spring, but we have to bring it to you it doses.

Pastel Color Eyeliners:
We picked this up at in a Teal Pearl, which is great because you don't need any other eyeshadow when wearing this, it is just that great!

Eyeko Brand which is famous for there eyeliner but has a great mascara gives a lot of lift, but the mascara wipes everyone needs to have, because they are just that good and even if you use a regular wipe, most may get all of the mascara off your lashes these are great. Again we found this at

We love the Urban Decay Smoky Eye Palette because you can do a smoky eye for all seasons, or just wear one eyeshadow for your lid, we found ours at

Bronzers, Highlighters, Illuminators.

We decided to try an Illuminator by in Gilded Honey, which gives you that amazing sun kiss glow without looking overdone. I truly need to stock pile this for real.

So that is what we came across during our Spring Break Part 1 Beauty Spot.

Because if we spot something we like we are going to bring to you !


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