Beauty Spot: Clarins Review

So, I tried the full suite of skin care products from and this is what I found to be true about the product.

Clarins was actually founded back in World War I by a French physician who use to treat injured soilders. The formula worked so well that it was used by French women for their beauty needs.

You may need this bit of trivia when you audition for Jeopardy, ya never know.

Back to the product review:

1. Cotton Seed Daily Face Wash:
I use this twice a day night and morning, and what I love about it is that it leaves my face soft without a residue, it is a natural softness and supple feeling that is great.

2.  Face Oil:
I was given a sample of their face oil in Blue Orchid and it was very light, and it healed a dry patch of my skin immediately, with out clogging my pores.

3. Extra- Firming Mask:
This was another sample and I put a little on and waited for 10 min. the results left my skin feeling great again. I did the mask twice a week as instructed and again the results were amazing.

4. Beauty Flash Balm
This is the number one best selling item of all time and if you use like a mask it is like a mini- face lift. It does wonders to the skin without it over drying and making your skin feel parched.

All of these products are paraben free and not tested on animals.

It is on the expensive side at 30.00 for the Daily Face Wash, the regular full size oil is 58.00,  the Extra Firming Mask is 60.00 and Beauty Flash Balm is 59.00. However, these products will last you for an entire month!


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