Frugality Alert: Spring/Summer Fun Tips

Spring and Summer is upon us as the temps in NYC are trying to latch on to the 60's, so desperately.

Here is how you can take advantage of all the great spring and summer events in NYC.


There are tons of free concerts, but you have to arise a little bit early!

The is known for there free summer concerts and the first artist up is Cheryl Crow!!

There is also for there free outdoor concerts which last year was pretty amazing.

So you aren't into waking up early, but this is a great way to send your out of town guests into the city and they come back early in time for a great dinner.

Health and Fitness:

We discovered that at Samsung 837 store there are free Yoga classes that you can take on weekends.

Also the Highline great outdoor activities including free Yoga as well.

Bryant Park has a group yoga class as well and mats are free.

Day Getaways:

So you decided on a staycation, that's fine check the MTA- LIRR for there rates on One Day Getaways and on MetroNorth's day trips, you never know they may include a package and you can stay the night in one of historic inn's upstate.


So you just want to chill out after work, no stress with a drink, here are the some of NYC's finest places for just that:

Empire Hotel-Lincoln Center Area

Viceroy- Rooftop is Great and it has a pool.

Gansevoort- Park Ave and Meatpacking District: Everyone has heard about the Meatpacking District location but the Park Ave one is pretty cool as well.

Product Launches:

Look out Summertime Product Launches of Ice Cream and all things related to ice cream, we scored last year on Charlotte Tilsbury lipstick because her soft launch was a related to an ice cream launch.

Cheers to getting your summer schedule in order even if you are staying here in NYC!

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