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The Beauty Spot: Fall Picks

This is the beauty spot where we spot out the best in beauty and bring it you !

First up Skin Care:
We bought Murad or the famous Dr. Murad skin care after hearing him give a speech on the importance of topical Vitamin C and his highly concentrated Acne Spot treatment.

I tried the topical face wash with Vitamin C for a week I noticed a great change in the color and texture of my skin, it was so bright it was amazing!

Then, I tried the topical Acne Spot treatment and wore no foundation just the face wash, Acne Spot and mascara.

People asked me if I had worked done, my face looked amazing! And it really looked so amazing that I took a selfie and put it on Instagram.


This is an all natural matte crayon lipstick and the other end is a lip balm. I received this in the Fab Fit Fun Box and it was really great. I got opted for Burgundy or red and everyone complimented me on this lipstick. Even if you aren't really feeling great then but you put this lipstick on it does give …

One Hundred Dollar Challenge: Fall Wardrobe Update

Many complain that a dollar or one hundred dollars just can't buy enough and oh boy about the needs, etc....

So, I took the 100.00 dollar challenge this is what it got me:

1. Clothes:
 New York and Company was having a BOGO sale on dresses and I really needed a wardrobe update so I took advantage of it and for the price of one dress I got two dresses that are chic, on trend, and would last all season long.

Price Check: 52.00...

2. Make Up Update:
I really needed some new make up so I bought from Cover FX two in one highlighters, one in a rose color that would really work well with the Fall deep reds, burdgundies, etc. and a gold highlighter that works really well with my skin tone.

Price Check: 20.00

(Plus a portion of the sale went to the Hurricane Efforts in Texas.)

3. Black Bucket Handbag with a  Black Metallic Chain:
There was a new handbag subscription service called: Ivory Clasp so you buy stylish bags that are not knock off before they hit it big. They had a promo…

Style Collective: Digital Landscape Arrived

We're back... We covered Fashion Month in NYC and it was amazing!

All I can say is expect to see ultra feminine, loads of sequins and people expressing their cultural point of view.

The event that really put things into perspective for us was Style Collective, the bloggers event that kicked off Fashion Week.

The Reality of the New Digital Landscape:

Bloggers from all over the country was there and ready to be seen and heard!

Many of the bloggers are new, some in college, some taking blogging as a college course and others who just wanted to get into the shows for free.

Well, it is true that the digital landscape is far out pacing traditional media, when I started five years ago, I was laughed out of NYFW and the only events I could go to was Tech events.

Now, bloggers are getting major book deals, endorsements, and they are far out pacing the traditional celebrity in many ways.

There will always be sports hero's because you can replace tennis, soccer, or football... so sports…

NYFW: Beauty Spot: Hair Care

So next week we begin to go to the fall independent shows, then the CFDA shows...

How does one keep or maintain those awesome locks?

We discovered a great product by madam cj walker that you can find in and it is a detox for your scalp and locks.

This product you sit with it on for 15 min. and let it do it's magic!

Rise then wash with a shampoo that works for your hair and then conditioner.

I must say that with all the product build up in a person's hair that it does work wonders!!

Especially during NYFW when you will be going for multiple hair do and accessories, etc. this is an amazing product!

Madam CJ Walker has the best in terms of pre scalp detox, you must invest in this product for a healthy scalp.