The Beauty Spot: Fall Picks

This is the beauty spot where we spot out the best in beauty and bring it you !

First up Skin Care:
We bought Murad or the famous Dr. Murad skin care after hearing him give a speech on the importance of topical Vitamin C and his highly concentrated Acne Spot treatment.

I tried the topical face wash with Vitamin C for a week I noticed a great change in the color and texture of my skin, it was so bright it was amazing!

Then, I tried the topical Acne Spot treatment and wore no foundation just the face wash, Acne Spot and mascara.

People asked me if I had worked done, my face looked amazing! And it really looked so amazing that I took a selfie and put it on Instagram.


This is an all natural matte crayon lipstick and the other end is a lip balm. I received this in the Fab Fit Fun Box and it was really great. I got opted for Burgundy or red and everyone complimented me on this lipstick. Even if you aren't really feeling great then but you put this lipstick on it does give you a major lift! mini concealer:

This concealer is great in med/dark and when it is still wet I put a bit of highlighter under the eyes to give it a nice pop and brighten my eyes. Amazing product!

Cover FX:
Highlighters: These highlighters work on all skin tones and shades and it gives everyone such a nice look. I bought these during a Hurricane Harvey special and it is amazing! When I wear black or dark reds or maroons, then I use the rose color highlighter, when I am wearing oranges, pinks, hot pinks, I wear the gold color so it can pick up my gold and orange undertones in my skin and I have a healthy glow.

Perfume and Oils:
The Allure Beauty Box I paid for I received a lavender body oil sample, kept it in the box so it wouldn't go rancid (natural oils do, do that) then instead of lotion, I put the lavender oil and sprayed it with Manoi perfume that has hints of vanilla, orange and lavender, the result was amazing! It was truly great smelling and I was on cloud nine all day long!
(Need a quick pick me up wear floral perfumes during the winter months!)

So those are our fall picks so far!! Check out for more as we scour the aisles of Sephora, go to events, and get products!



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