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From Self- Help to Self- Acceptance

Remember the scene, from Sex and the City, where Charlotte goes into a the self- help section at her local book store, and is overwhelmed by the selection; then she sees a woman, crying reading a self- help book, then in between sobs refers her to some books.

If you read at least 5 issues of O magazine, watched two full seasons of Dr. Phil, and Dr. Oz, and read a couple of books.

I am certain that you know that your relationship you are in, isn't the one for you.

And after doing all of the exercises in the back of the books, you know what your weaknesses are and you know what type of people you want in your life and what type of life and career you deserve.

 Do yourself a favor and PUT YOUR PLAN INTO ACTION!
 Start where you are to create a life that is filled with beauty and love and prosperity, because your girlfriends or guy friends are tired of you quoting a another self-help book.

In order for the results of therapy or self- help books to work, you have to go into the world and st…

Gratitude Moment-- Month End Reflections

We at Positivexpert, are very grateful for outpouring of love and support from all of our readers.

We looking forward to hearing from you, what type of articles, you would like to see and we will work on bringing you the best.

Here is what we are working on for February:

Valentine's Day Menu

COLD Valentine's Day Suggestions

Travel Spot: Hint: Castles

Cocktail Hour: Deliciousness from Cupcakes to Burbon

Lunch Hour Series:  You tell us...

Health Corner

Cheers to being the best!

Lunchtime Series: Finding the Tax Person

Now that we did strategic innovation, decided on a legal structure, what else is next?

 You have to pay taxes!

How do you find an accountant?

1. Check at your town's local SCORE or SBA office, they have people who normally conduct business workshops and  some offer referrals.

2. Check with the governing body- Google, Council for CPA's.

3. This person should be a registered CPA with enough experience that you wouldn't end up in jail for not paying taxes, and someone who is up to date with all local tax laws, potential tax incentives, etc.

4. You should always have a initial consultation and based on their competence, you should make it clear that you are hiring them for life of your business, their incentive to work hard for you !

5. Once you hire the person, you should regularly have meetings with them regarding your business, just as like your attorney!

Cheers to finding a great CPA for your business!

Ways to Achieve those 2013 Goals?

How are you doing in achieving those 2013 Goals?

What I have learned about achieving goals or resolutions,in my management class we used the S.M.A.R.T. method.

Specific- This week, I will wake up early and do 30 min of cardio. I will read two new books.

Measurable- By, xx, 2013, I would read two books on starting a business and attended one business planning seminar.

Action Oriented-- On xx, 2013,  I would have a first draft of a business plan.

Results-- On January 30, 2013, I would have scheduled my first investors meeting or attended a pitch meeting, where I pitched my business idea to potential investors.

Timely- On February 15, 2013, my website for my new venture is up and I have secured seed financing for my business venture, I am on my way to a having a profitable business.

By using the S.M.A.R.T. method you are constantly accountable to the BIG Goal- My example was starting a new business.

 However when you divide the BIG goal into small action oriented steps, it becomes manageable, yo…

Why Lawyers are SO Important to Start- Ups!

You did your strategic innovation, now you are ready to incorporate and order your batch of product or launch a new service.


The first step before incorporation, is Trademarks!

Why? Trademarks are very important.

I went to this one talk on trademarks. Long story short, if you take a product or service to market without filing necessary trademark paperwork, and a company finds your business has similarities to them, especially if they view you as a competitor then they can sue you for trademark infringement.

Trademark attorney's have access to special databases that tell you where and when something was filled and under what category and advise you accordingly.

Second Step:  Your Companies Legal Structure
A compent attorney's will suggest the best legal structure for you in terms of the companies goals and as it relates to potential investors taxes, etc.

Third Step: Employee Agreements
If you are buil…

Hosting a Girls Night Out

Key Ideas to Hosting a Girls Night Out

1. Fashion Show:,
 Have your friends bring over their best clothing and makeup. Every does their own makeup and fashion. Get a great play list and have your own fashion show. I use to do this in college and is was so much fun!

2. Game Night:
Who said BINGO was for the elderly, BINGO is great fun and very entertaining,
Monopoly anyone???
Card games- If the guys can get together for poker night, then why can't we...

3. Movie Night:
Have a ROMCOM fest, you know all the SJP and Jennifer Aniston films that your boyfriend can't stand!  Designate a night that you and the girls will get together and watch, laugh, and enjoy all these films.

4. Zumba Night:
Zumba is the latest dance/fitness craze, who cares, who isn't following to tee, just have fun!!

5. Go somewhere different!
A great site is and they have really great events for discounted prices, such as Medieval Times, or go sledding in the Catskills, try a unique and fun adventure.


Strategic Innovation: Creating Viable and Lasting Companies

I have read several books and articles about innovation and stories of people who took an idea and created a million or billion dollar market.

Pretzels Anyone?:
In most cities there are several warm pretzel companies, the most recognizable brand is Auntie Anne's. How did they get started? Well it turns out that the founder experienced a horrible farming accident with her child, and her husband wanted to start a counseling center and she made pretzels to try to raise money. Her product was excellent and someone suggested she do this full-time, hence the most delicious pretzels that are mass produced.

Everyone knows Spanx and that founder's story.
She simply wanted to "make butts look better."
Hence she is the youngest self-made billionaire owning 100% equity of her company.

The key to innovation is being OBSERVANT, in the founder of Spanx she noticed that women no matter size needed a product that would make them more flattering.


How to Break Free from Fears and Phobias

Last year we saw just an outbreak of violence and unnatural weather patterns, which has made us all a bit uneasy.

 I noticed that many people were becoming afraid, so fearful not to go work, or get on a subway, etc.

Even within myself, I didn't want to spend Christmas with my family because one sister and her family are rude and hypercritical of everything, she is the type of person who would look up how much you paid for china, and make rude comments.

I learned how to break this fear was to embrace it with faith, instead of me going to another venue for Christmas, I decided to stay and I refused to be engulfed by anyone's negativity.

 I had a great time, because I know what type of people they are and nothing, they said or did prevented me having a good time.

This was the same when I had a fear of heights, I just went to tallest buildings, rode elevated subways, got on airplanes, eventually the fear dissipates.

The best way to free yourself from fear is to confront it, this …

Happy Hour: Caiprinha with a twist

Today's Cocktail Hour we take you to Brazil,


1/2 ounce Fresh Lime Juice, plus lime slices
1 teaspoon of sugar
2 ounces of cachaca
2 ounces of Malibu- Coconut Rum

In a shaker put all the alcohol contents and lime juice and shake, put all contents in a pitcher and muddle with stirrer and pour over ice in a chilled old-fashion class and garnish with  additional lime slices.

Have You Ever Tried This for Weight Loss???

Last year, I found myself packing on some pounds, but then I had to examine what I was doing to contribute to the weight gain.

This what I discovered:

1. I watched over 10 hours of food related television programming a week. By the time I finished watching a Cupcake Wars Marathon, Chopped, Top Chef, etc. I found myself in the kitchen either baking, trying out new recipes, etc.

2. The websites I visited were food related or if they were about home goods, it was specifically related to food, such as tabletops, and bar wear, items I needed for cocktail parties, etc.

3. Recipes, I started to create my own recipes without regard to fat or sugar content.

4. I just fell off the wagon..started to eat high sodium, hormone laden meats, etc.

So, this losing weight thing is not just a one year thing, but it is truly a lifestyle change, so monitor what you watch on television, catch yourself if you are on food-related websites.

Like me catch it in time before it catches YOU!

Cheers to a healthy lifestyle!

Recipe: Spiced Oatmeal

Here's is a delicious treat and healthy treat that warms me before facing the elements.

Spiced Oatmeal:

1. 2 cups of Irish Steel Cut Oatmeal
2. 3 cups of boiling water
3. 1 Tablespoon of Organic Ginger
4. 1 Tablespoon of Ground Cloves
5. 1 Tablespoon of Cinnamon

1. In a medium sauce pan, place all of the spices in the water with 3 cups of boiling water, bring to a boil, add Irish Steel Cut Oatmeal.

2. Cook Oatmeal as directed with boiling water.

3. Serve with 1 teaspoon of organic agave nectar and eat piping hot.

Spice Note:
Ginger is great to reduce inflammation.
Cinnamon is great to regulate blood sugar, so you don't have a crash after eating.
Agave Nectar is a natural sweeter that is sweeter than sugar but, does not have the crashing effect as sugar.

Cheers to a heart healthy and heart warming way to start to the day.

It's All About the RUM...

Everyone has a specific hard liqour that they like for some it is tequila- Patron is great, for some it's Bourbon, and for me it's all about the RUM!

Hey, if you are headed to the Caribbean this winter, then you should pay attention, because that is the alcohol of choice.

However, if you are wondering what type of rum to buy for that punch or mojito, here's the deal:

1. Light Rum- The best kind for drinking straight or for that mojito.

2. Medium Dark Rum- It has a stronger flavor, many chefs use this for desserts such as Bananas Foster.

3. Dark Rum- This rum has a very strong and distinct flavor and throughout the Caribbean, many people use this type of rum to soak there dried fruits for the traditional "black wedding cake." The fruits are normally soaked in this type of rum for a year so when it is used and baked the flavor of the rum is still there adding moisture to the cake and the flavor is wonderful!!

So cheers to enjoying a great glass of rum with a twist …

Intimate Moments: Hottubs and Date Nights

You and your significant other are in the mountains and after a day of skiing or relaxing, what should you do?

Romance is always a great thing, many ski cabins have hot tubs on the deck.

You and yours should heat up the hot tub, get a bottle of champagne, put on your bathing suits and enjoy the nice hot tub. A couple recently told me that this was one of their favorite things to do, especially when the snow was falling.

Of course, when your temperatures reach a critical point, then you should take it to the bedroom, wink, wink.

You and your significant other are back in the city and you feel you have done everything. What else?

There is a great site called ", and provides great date night events specifically designed for two, everything from screening movie tickets, to operas, to restaurants, to couples messages.

Just, because the wind chill factor says it is - 10, your bedroom can still be 100.

Cheers to a great relationship!

Call all U.S. Entrepreneurs!

As everyone knows we are a big fan of business and captialism and we support some really great businesses at Positivexpert.

We live in a great country that promotes free enterprise; yet people go hungry in the United States everyday.

We live in this great country where a daughter of a "domestic" can ascend into being a world wide media billionaire; yet there are women who in your town who have to go into prostitution in order to avoid being homeless or take provocative pictures in order to pay for college or pay down student debt.

To everyone who has an entreprenuerial itch, I say now is the perfect time and opportunity to create businesses that will employ smart, motivated, and able people to help not only carry out your dream,and advance the American economy.

We live in an exciting time where U.S. Entreprenuers can catapult the economy and reclaim America.

So, if you are a start up don't ask your college buddy to leave his corporate job to help you build your dream.


The Hustler- Cocktail Hour

We are doing Friday Night Cocktail Hour, every Friday, so at 5pm EST, expect to see the:

"Cocktail of the Week" some cocktails we make up on our own, and others come from various sources and of course we will give the source.

"The Hustler" it is something we made up with "Hard Liquor, because hustling is hard and if you hustle the "right way" life can be sweet!

The Hustler:

1 ounce Whiskey
1 ounce Apricot Brandy
1 ounce Vodka

Pour ingredients into a shaker filled with ice.

Shake and pour over ice into an Old Fashion glass with a spring of mint.

Cheers to a week of "Hustling."

Travel Spot: Jackson Hole, WY

Now that we talked about an Apres Ski Party. How about heading to the slopes?

January is the best time of the year to ski, for obvious reasons, but if you are on the East Coast, why not head out West? Aspen or Telluride too flashy for you, then head to Jackson Hole, WY.

Jackson Hole, WY has some of the nation's most pristine wildlife and national parks, and great ski resorts from the Five Diamond--Four Seasons to your local ski resort, you will not be disappointed.

You can actually get a direct flight from Newark Airport, if you are in the NYC area on the major airlines--United, Delta, American, and Frontier and of course Private Jets all go directly to the Jackson Hole, WY airport.

If you log on to, you can pre-purchase ski packs for skiing and all other winter activities, price ranges from adult, juniors, high school students, and college students.

They have a spa at the Four Seasons that you can book into after a busy day of skiing and partying.

Some key things …

The Essentials to a Great Apres Party

Skiing is a great winter sport because you use all of your muscles, the cold air is great and as you whip down the mountain, it is really thrilling.

In Europe after a day of skiing, what would they do? The would go to the local pub with their ski gear on and have some ale, eat roasted sausage with a warm drink,  and celebrate with friends and family. These parties are known as apres (french for after).

Now, in the United States we have adopted Apres into a fashion, food, and even some ski resorts sell tickets to Apres Parties.

So, if you are headed East this winter to Vermont, or West, to Aspen or Jackson Hole and you rent your own chalet (cottage). Here are a few tips so you can host your own Apres Ski Party.

As you know skiing is very labor intensive and you all you want is a hot and hearty meal. Here are a few suggestions:


1. Mini Lasagnes- in ramekins, you can prepare a mini lasagne and don't forget to use sauce from RAO's!

2. Classic Roasted Brats! In the Swiss Alps I am t…

Hearty Soups and Stews for Winter Days

In the North East it can be very cold during the winter and when you come home, you just want a cup of hot goodness.

The following are my favorite for cold winter days:

Lentil Stew:

1. 2 bags of red or brown lentils.
2. 1 large onion
3. 1 large pepper
4. 2 Tablespoons of turmeric
5. 2 cloves of garlic
6. 2 Tablespoons of Hungarian Smoked Paprika
7. 1 can organic crushed tomato's
8. 2 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1. Soak lentils in a bowl of cold water overnight.
2. Chop up all the veggies and finely crush the garlic
3. Saute all the veggies in olive oil until translucent with the turmeric, and Hungarian Smoked Paprika
4. In the same pot add the lentils
5. Pour  3 cups of water to cover the lentils
6. Add organic crushed tomato's

Simmer until most of the liquid is half way down and the lentils are tender.

Serve hot in bowls, with a baguette.

Another favorite recipe is Turkey Chilli

1. 2 lbs. of lean turkey meat
2a 2 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2. 1 large Onion diced
3. 1 lar…

What to do with the Person who Irates You!

Everyone knows that person, who always give unsolicited advice,  or if you got a great deal someone has to always one up you.

Well, instead of ripping your hair out every time you come in contact with these people arm yourself with understanding:

Low Self-Esteem:
 Most people who always offer unsolicited advice, have extremely low- self esteem. So if you have a situation with them, then you already know your outcome. Ask that person for advice before they can offer it, this gives them a sense of importance. And you won't take THEM personally.

Many people in today's society suffer from some form of anxiety--one manifestation of anxiety is excessive talking. If a person does this beyond your comfort zone, then  only give them two min. of your time, then physically leave the situation.

Insecurity and Competition:
Many insecure people view everything as a competition.
 During the holidays, I signed up to bake cupcakes and cookies for a charity party. Since, I do have a background…

Raising Healthy Balanced Children

In West Africa there is a bird called Sanofka, the Sanofka looks back with it's head looking ahead.

I mention this because with all the senseless mass murders that happened in 2012, we can learn something about raising healthy balanced children.

When I was in graduate school, I had to take a lecture on the brain and brain development, it was taught by the 3rd leading neuropsychologist in the world.

Some key take aways for parents:

Brain Health:
1. A child fully can distinguish right from wrong at the age of 13, this why in most religions, the religious rites from childhood to adulthood is performed. Again, the brain developmentally can distinguish between right and wrong at 13.

2. When a child experiences trauma in his/her life it retards the emotional developmental of that child. So, children, who may have been abused, or have a trauma such as a divorce, or a car accident exhibit odd behavior. The brain reverts to what is familiar and comfortable, so you may have a 12 or even 17 year …

A Spot of Tea

When I went to a particular college where they had afternoon tea at 4 pm.

 Many professors and students would gather in the parlor and sip tea and eat light treats, but the main purpose for tea was to speak about intellectual subjects, in a relaxed manner.

Several European countries still practice tea time. 

Here are a few tips when hosting a tea:


Most common teas that are served are:
1. Black tea
2. Earl Grey
Try different teas with:
1. Ginger and Lemon Tea
2. Red Raspberry
3. Green Tea with/ Coconut and Thai flavors

 Light Fare:
You are not serving a meal, here are some suggestions:

1. Traditional Scones- have wonderful scone mixes, or pre-made scones that are wonderful.

2. Mini- Muffins- You can make or buy mini-muffins the most common flavors are lemon and blueberry. Try for great recipes.

3. Cupcakes- Americans love our cupcakes!!

4. Traditional Cucumber and Watercress Sandwiches.

In the UK, they always serve lemon curd with scones and muffins, as…

Beating the Winter Blues..

Winter can be a bit dreary, by 4:30pm it is pitch black, snow can keep you in for days and traffic is at it's worst.

Here are some things that help you beat the Winter Blues::

1. Volunteer Once A Month-
Even if it is an hour to a shelter or sorting clothes for a thrift store, just spend one day to get out of your own drama. You will be amazed at the feeling of gratitude that you get when unselfishly volunteer.

2. Light a candle for several virtues:
1. Peace
2. Love
3. Joy
4. Harmony
5. Gratitude

Make certain that the candle is a water bath, very important.

3. Take a dance class or download your favorite itunes and get to moving!
If you remember listening to what era conjures up the most happy memories, then listen to those songs.

4. Embrace Beauty!
Go to the Museum and sit and admire art up close. Go to you local libary and take out books on famous painters, and sculptuers. Even admire the pristine glistening when the snowfalls, before the plows come through.

5. Once again Gratitiude-
Start with…

How to Prepare Yourself for True Love...

One of your New Year's Resolutions is find your soulmate or your true love.

Based on my observations of highly successful marriages and couples.

1. Get over all past hurts- including parental, boyfriend, etc.
 Many women and men don't like to hear about your past relationships or boyfriends. Men in particular feel that if you are still talking about your ex, then, you never got over them, and a true man would leave you alone. Women, if he is comparing you to his ex or having flashbacks to what is abusive mother said to him, refer him to a therapist and leave that person to his own healing.

2. Speak only GOOD things:
Real mean can't stand when women Gossip! Men have told me "What relveance does that have to on our relationship?"

3. Laugh everyday!
Laughing is really freeing and increases endorphins and makes a person easy to meet others.

4. Be a Balanced Person:
No one likes a workaholic, a constant partygoer, or a person who the Pastor knows on a first name basis who isn&…

The Key Things to Keep You Healthy This Winter

January and February are notorious for colds and the flu. But, how do you stay healthy when you have work and family responsibilities?

The following are the best practices that I know that have kept me healthy:

1. Vitamin Time:
I have B12 shots which are great given by my general practioner, B12 provides me with energy, increased memory, and it strengthens my immune system. Vitamin C another great way to provide immunity against colds.

2. Open a Window- Winters can be extremely cold, so what do you stay inside crank up the heat, and go outside in the cold. I always have a window open so the air circulates and I don't fall asleep in the middle of the day, when I should work, also the heat can cause dehydration, bloody noses, and delusions. So crack a window!

3. Spice it up!
Ginger is a great way to reduce inflamation, gas, etc.
Tumeric- is another great spice that perserves memory, several Indian dishes use tumeric as a bas…

Recovery from Holiday Debt!

It's January and all the fun of the holidays have gone away, the mail person comes with a piles of bills that say your name.

And as you begin to open the mail, You think was it really worth it? Was buying my bratty niece another designer bag that she didn't thank me for worth it? Was hosting a holiday party for the neighbors, who complained on Facebook that I didn't serve pigs in the blanket worth it?

Action Plan

1. Get over the guilt- You did it and it's done!
2. Pay off the biggest amount of debt first.
3. Pay off the credit card with the highest interest rate second.

Practical Plans for Staying Out of Debt:
1. Avoid the "deal of the day", I know I have talked about certain sites ad nausea, but certain things, you could live without.

2. 10 Second Rule- Before making a purchase-- Ask yourself-- Do I really need this? How would this item enhance my life?

3. You can go shopping without buying anything.
 I love fashion, but I do not get a $200,000.00 clothing allowance, …

New Year = New Career

Along with those New Year's resolutions come your vow, to get out of that dead end job, but you don't know what to do??

Many people will spend a lot of money reading about finding their purpose, passion, and calling will still be confused about what's their next career move.

The first point of contact I would suggest is to call or get in touch with a career advisor or specialist in your area, it could be a local community college.

1. When seeking a career specialist, ask them over the phone if they are certified to administer these two inventories:
1. STRONG Inventory- 200 question career assessment, that has a 98 percent accuracy rate.
2. Myers Briggs Inventory- Personality Type-
3. If they have taken any courses in educational psychology.

This is essential because, like in any area of your life, you want someone who is qualified to guide you on the correct career path. Would you want a podiatrist delivering your baby? Same thing.

As a person who is trained in this field, I am …

Winter Bargains

I am so glad to see 2012 GO!!

However, before 2012 ended, I did snag some great deals for winter.

Every person needs at two pairs of boots, one for everyday and one for those winter snow days and for skiing.

Here are the deals that I got on boots:

1. Steve Madden Knee Length Boots-
These boots are for everyday and date night. They are stylish and have a wedge so it is great to wear with dresses. They normally retail for 189.00 plus tax, I snagged them for 88.00 plus tax and shipping. In classic black, they feel great and are really warm.

2. Sporto Boots-
Time to hit the slopes or just shovel snow, so I needed a great boot that could weather just about any type of snow and rain terrain. So I snagged the knee length Sporto boot is a slate/gray metallic color, got to be stylish when skiing or shoveling the snow right?
These are a completely flat style and have great traction for snow and ice, these were a tad expensive at 99.00 dollars, but free shipping can't beat it!

3. Pr…