A Spot of Tea

When I went to a particular college where they had afternoon tea at 4 pm.

 Many professors and students would gather in the parlor and sip tea and eat light treats, but the main purpose for tea was to speak about intellectual subjects, in a relaxed manner.

Several European countries still practice tea time. 

Here are a few tips when hosting a tea:


Most common teas that are served are:
1. Black tea
2. Earl Grey
Try different teas with:
1. Ginger and Lemon Tea
2. Red Raspberry
3. Green Tea with/ Coconut and Thai flavors

 Light Fare:
You are not serving a meal, here are some suggestions:

1. Traditional Scones- williamsonoma.com have wonderful scone mixes, or pre-made scones that are wonderful.

2. Mini- Muffins- You can make or buy mini-muffins the most common flavors are lemon and blueberry. Try foodnetwork.com for great recipes.

3. Cupcakes- Americans love our cupcakes!!

4. Traditional Cucumber and Watercress Sandwiches.

In the UK, they always serve lemon curd with scones and muffins, as well as great jams.

They also serve demerra heavy cream with their tea, this goes great with Black tea, not with herbal tea.

Offer sugar alternatives such as agave nectar and raw sugar.


Always have a creamer, sugar bowl, appetizer plates, if you are serving more than one tea, then have a serving teapot for that particular tea. Never serve anyone out of a tea kettle, or microwave water.

Conversation is intellectually stimulating, and offer solutions to problems- many charities were formed over tea time.

Cheers to a GOOD Spot of Tea!

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