From Self- Help to Self- Acceptance

Remember the scene, from Sex and the City, where Charlotte goes into a the self- help section at her local book store, and is overwhelmed by the selection; then she sees a woman, crying reading a self- help book, then in between sobs refers her to some books.

If you read at least 5 issues of O magazine, watched two full seasons of Dr. Phil, and Dr. Oz, and read a couple of books.

I am certain that you know that your relationship you are in, isn't the one for you.

And after doing all of the exercises in the back of the books, you know what your weaknesses are and you know what type of people you want in your life and what type of life and career you deserve.

 Do yourself a favor and PUT YOUR PLAN INTO ACTION!
 Start where you are to create a life that is filled with beauty and love and prosperity, because your girlfriends or guy friends are tired of you quoting a another self-help book.

In order for the results of therapy or self- help books to work, you have to go into the world and start to use the tools.

 I can distinctly remember an interview with Jennifer Anniston, where she told the interviewer that she bought ever self-help book there was and after a time, she couldn't read it anymore, but all of sudden the information, just clicked for her and she put the information into ACTION!.

So, this year if you have been at self- help for a while learn to accept yourself, and MOVE ON!

Cheers to a prosperous life.

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