Have You Ever Tried This for Weight Loss???

Last year, I found myself packing on some pounds, but then I had to examine what I was doing to contribute to the weight gain.

This what I discovered:

1. I watched over 10 hours of food related television programming a week. By the time I finished watching a Cupcake Wars Marathon, Chopped, Top Chef, etc. I found myself in the kitchen either baking, trying out new recipes, etc.

2. The websites I visited were food related or if they were about home goods, it was specifically related to food, such as tabletops, and bar wear, items I needed for cocktail parties, etc.

3. Recipes, I started to create my own recipes without regard to fat or sugar content.

4. I just fell off the wagon..started to eat high sodium, hormone laden meats, etc.

So, this losing weight thing is not just a one year thing, but it is truly a lifestyle change, so monitor what you watch on television, catch yourself if you are on food-related websites.

Like me catch it in time before it catches YOU!

Cheers to a healthy lifestyle!

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