How to Break Free from Fears and Phobias

Last year we saw just an outbreak of violence and unnatural weather patterns, which has made us all a bit uneasy.

 I noticed that many people were becoming afraid, so fearful not to go work, or get on a subway, etc.

Even within myself, I didn't want to spend Christmas with my family because one sister and her family are rude and hypercritical of everything, she is the type of person who would look up how much you paid for china, and make rude comments.

I learned how to break this fear was to embrace it with faith, instead of me going to another venue for Christmas, I decided to stay and I refused to be engulfed by anyone's negativity.

 I had a great time, because I know what type of people they are and nothing, they said or did prevented me having a good time.

This was the same when I had a fear of heights, I just went to tallest buildings, rode elevated subways, got on airplanes, eventually the fear dissipates.

The best way to free yourself from fear is to confront it, this includes going to the doctor, applying for that promotion, starting a business, going out on a date if you are newly divorced. The more you start to act in faith the more liberated you will feel.

Cheers to a fearless life!

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