How to Prepare Yourself for True Love...

One of your New Year's Resolutions is find your soulmate or your true love.

Based on my observations of highly successful marriages and couples.

1. Get over all past hurts- including parental, boyfriend, etc.
 Many women and men don't like to hear about your past relationships or boyfriends. Men in particular feel that if you are still talking about your ex, then, you never got over them, and a true man would leave you alone. Women, if he is comparing you to his ex or having flashbacks to what is abusive mother said to him, refer him to a therapist and leave that person to his own healing.

2. Speak only GOOD things:
Real mean can't stand when women Gossip! Men have told me "What relveance does that have to on our relationship?"

3. Laugh everyday!
Laughing is really freeing and increases endorphins and makes a person easy to meet others.

4. Be a Balanced Person:
No one likes a workaholic, a constant partygoer, or a person who the Pastor knows on a first name basis who isn't on church payroll.

5. Take care of your body and overall appearance.
Everyone likes a person who showers on a regular basis and smells good. Dress appropriate for certain occassions both men and women. I can't stand a man to look sloppy as though he just rolled out of bed and he is meeting for brunch. No, if a person can't take care of their personal appearance on a regular basis, it may signal some deeper psychological problem, RED FLAGGG!

6. Do what you love and have different hobbies?
I am a firm believer of people doing what they love, I grew up around adults who hated their jobs and was only there because of a paycheck. But, if you are a painter working in coffeshop before your big break, and you truly love doing that, then you will radiate happiness in all that you do and people will be attracted to you because of your happiness.

6a. Have different hobbies?
Many people who I know who are almost clones of each other, secretly wish their spouse or them would do something different. I know there are painting parties in NYC for 39 bucks, you can paint on a Friday or Saturday night. If your guy is into sports and you are not then, try learning about his team and not complain that "you are losing him to Football Season." I learn a lot about football because my former boyfriend wouldn't take me home until after Sunday Night Football was over, so I learned everything I could about them game.

7. Have an OPEN HEART...
Love comes in many forms shapes, sizes and races, just because someone might look like you that does not mean they are not your soul mate.

Hope to hear your stories about how to you feel in love this year.

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