Intimate Moments: Hottubs and Date Nights

You and your significant other are in the mountains and after a day of skiing or relaxing, what should you do?

Romance is always a great thing, many ski cabins have hot tubs on the deck.

You and yours should heat up the hot tub, get a bottle of champagne, put on your bathing suits and enjoy the nice hot tub. A couple recently told me that this was one of their favorite things to do, especially when the snow was falling.

Of course, when your temperatures reach a critical point, then you should take it to the bedroom, wink, wink.

You and your significant other are back in the city and you feel you have done everything. What else?

There is a great site called ", and provides great date night events specifically designed for two, everything from screening movie tickets, to operas, to restaurants, to couples messages.

Just, because the wind chill factor says it is - 10, your bedroom can still be 100.

Cheers to a great relationship!

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