Lunchtime Series: Finding the Tax Person

Now that we did strategic innovation, decided on a legal structure, what else is next?

 You have to pay taxes!

How do you find an accountant?

1. Check at your town's local SCORE or SBA office, they have people who normally conduct business workshops and  some offer referrals.

2. Check with the governing body- Google, Council for CPA's.

3. This person should be a registered CPA with enough experience that you wouldn't end up in jail for not paying taxes, and someone who is up to date with all local tax laws, potential tax incentives, etc.

4. You should always have a initial consultation and based on their competence, you should make it clear that you are hiring them for life of your business, their incentive to work hard for you !

5. Once you hire the person, you should regularly have meetings with them regarding your business, just as like your attorney!

Cheers to finding a great CPA for your business!

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