New Year = New Career

Along with those New Year's resolutions come your vow, to get out of that dead end job, but you don't know what to do??

Many people will spend a lot of money reading about finding their purpose, passion, and calling will still be confused about what's their next career move.

The first point of contact I would suggest is to call or get in touch with a career advisor or specialist in your area, it could be a local community college.

1. When seeking a career specialist, ask them over the phone if they are certified to administer these two inventories:
1. STRONG Inventory- 200 question career assessment, that has a 98 percent accuracy rate.
2. Myers Briggs Inventory- Personality Type-
3. If they have taken any courses in educational psychology.

This is essential because, like in any area of your life, you want someone who is qualified to guide you on the correct career path. Would you want a podiatrist delivering your baby? Same thing.

As a person who is trained in this field, I am amazed at the many people who get ripped off and get bad advice from individuals, claiming to be a "career expert", when in fact all they did was write a resume. Some people have even written books, but still are not qualified to make accurate assessments on the direction of your career.

When a qualified career counselor gets the results back on these exams, then they should before they reveal the results, ask you what type of careers or natural talents are in your family--family narrative. You can be in a field that you love but, not be the best because of genetics.

 I know I come from a long lineage of writers, educators, and business people. So, when I made the switch to become a writer, it wasn't that foreign to me or my family, also, I am expert when it comes to these three areas, not only do I have practical knowledge, but growing up I had an uncle who owned several businesses.

My grandmother's brothers where all businessmen in the oil field, so the idea of being a business owner was not foreign to me. The same for my writing, I have cousins who have written books as well. And also in the field of education.

Now, if I said, I wanted to become a medical doctor, that would be a stretch because it is something, that I am not innately gifted.

Having said that with the results of the STRONG, Myers Briggs, and your family narrative, a great career advisor, should guide you along the path of finding a new career that compliments you as a total person.

Cheers to finding that New Career and NOT Getting RIPPED OFF!

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