Recovery from Holiday Debt!

It's January and all the fun of the holidays have gone away, the mail person comes with a piles of bills that say your name.

And as you begin to open the mail, You think was it really worth it? Was buying my bratty niece another designer bag that she didn't thank me for worth it? Was hosting a holiday party for the neighbors, who complained on Facebook that I didn't serve pigs in the blanket worth it?

Action Plan

1. Get over the guilt- You did it and it's done!
2. Pay off the biggest amount of debt first.
3. Pay off the credit card with the highest interest rate second.

Practical Plans for Staying Out of Debt:
1. Avoid the "deal of the day", I know I have talked about certain sites ad nausea, but certain things, you could live without.

2. 10 Second Rule- Before making a purchase-- Ask yourself-- Do I really need this? How would this item enhance my life?

3. You can go shopping without buying anything.
 I love fashion, but I do not get a $200,000.00 clothing allowance, like Anna Wintour so, I can go to Barney's NY and admire the great fashion and looks and come out of there without buying anything, because, I know I don't need it.

4. You don't have to buy a birthday present or Valentine's Gift- Don't feel pressured to buying things for people; especially for people who aren't going appreciate it, I have several nieces that I would never buy anything for because they don't say "Thank You."

5. Make a realistic budget and stick to it.

6. Don't look at what anyone else is doing.
You really don't know how or why people have what they have, many people are totally maxed out on credit cards, or are one step away from foreclosure, yet they drive a Range Rover and you see UPS at their doorstep every day.

7. Enjoy the simple things of life! Such as a good TV movie, a walk in the park with your family, a good homemade meal.

Cheers to Staying Debt Free in 2013!!!

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