The Essentials to a Great Apres Party

Skiing is a great winter sport because you use all of your muscles, the cold air is great and as you whip down the mountain, it is really thrilling.

In Europe after a day of skiing, what would they do? The would go to the local pub with their ski gear on and have some ale, eat roasted sausage with a warm drink,  and celebrate with friends and family. These parties are known as apres (french for after).

Now, in the United States we have adopted Apres into a fashion, food, and even some ski resorts sell tickets to Apres Parties.

So, if you are headed East this winter to Vermont, or West, to Aspen or Jackson Hole and you rent your own chalet (cottage). Here are a few tips so you can host your own Apres Ski Party.

As you know skiing is very labor intensive and you all you want is a hot and hearty meal. Here are a few suggestions:


1. Mini Lasagnes- in ramekins, you can prepare a mini lasagne and don't forget to use sauce from RAO's!

2. Classic Roasted Brats! In the Swiss Alps I am told all of pubs have roasted brats with mustard at their Apres Party.

3. Classic Buffalo Wings- Most ski lodges have this item on their Apres Menu, for a recipe checkout

4. Hot Chessy Quesdillas- On most menu's out West, take a bag of tortilla's with low fat cheese, with non-stick spray and put the cheese in the middle and grill; like a grilled cheese.

5. Soup--French Onion and Hearty Split Pea are excellent, of course make with vegetable broth instead of beef stock.

Hot Beverages:
1. Hot Toddy- Classic hot brandy drink served in the UK
2. Hot Buttered Rum
3. Hot Chai made with Steamed Almond Milk
5. Hot Chocolate for the kids.

Classic Adult Beverages:
1. Great Beer- Craft Beers are really popular in the U.S.
2. Hard Cider- Trivia-- Johnny Appleseed made this drink popular in Colonial America.
3. Procesco/Champagne--Cuts the fat content on the mini-meals.

Have a great playlist with great party songs that all ages will love.
Talk about the great time you had on the slopes.

Can't make it to Aspen or Killington, then invite your friends over to your home in their best ski sweaters and have an Apres Ski Party, after you going skiing on the Wii.

Cheers to having FUN!!!

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