Travel Spot: Jackson Hole, WY

Now that we talked about an Apres Ski Party. How about heading to the slopes?

January is the best time of the year to ski, for obvious reasons, but if you are on the East Coast, why not head out West? Aspen or Telluride too flashy for you, then head to Jackson Hole, WY.

Jackson Hole, WY has some of the nation's most pristine wildlife and national parks, and great ski resorts from the Five Diamond--Four Seasons to your local ski resort, you will not be disappointed.

You can actually get a direct flight from Newark Airport, if you are in the NYC area on the major airlines--United, Delta, American, and Frontier and of course Private Jets all go directly to the Jackson Hole, WY airport.

If you log on to, you can pre-purchase ski packs for skiing and all other winter activities, price ranges from adult, juniors, high school students, and college students.

They have a spa at the Four Seasons that you can book into after a busy day of skiing and partying.

Some key things to pack:
1. Thermal Underwear and Socks- Loads of Socks
2. Sunscreen SPF 40-- You can get sunburned very badly on the slopes.
3. Ziploc Bags- To Put your smart phones, and electronics in while on the slopes, so it doesn't get water damaged if you while you ski.
4a. Battery Operated Radio- They do put out avalache alerts, take heed to the warnings.
4. If you are renting your own cabin, have your food shipped or pack it ice coolers.

Here's meeting you on the slopes...

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