What to do with the Person who Irates You!

Everyone knows that person, who always give unsolicited advice,  or if you got a great deal someone has to always one up you.
Well, instead of ripping your hair out every time you come in contact with these people arm yourself with understanding:
Low Self-Esteem:
 Most people who always offer unsolicited advice, have extremely low- self esteem. So if you have a situation with them, then you already know your outcome. Ask that person for advice before they can offer it, this gives them a sense of importance. And you won't take THEM personally.
Many people in today's society suffer from some form of anxiety--one manifestation of anxiety is excessive talking. If a person does this beyond your comfort zone, then  only give them two min. of your time, then physically leave the situation.

Insecurity and Competition:
Many insecure people view everything as a competition.
 During the holidays, I signed up to bake cupcakes and cookies for a charity party. Since, I do have a background in event planning, I was told the how many kids, so I baked accordingly. When, I arrived and took out my baked goods.
 Many of the other women, took offense at how much I baked, without knowing that I have 16 years in special event planning experience.
How to diffuse yourself from the ultra-competitive person:
1. Always deflect from you, if you lost weight, got a new job,  always praise them, if they bring up your achievements, compliment them about their achievement.
2. Always allow them to be the center of attention.
3. If you have mutual friends and you are going to a wedding shower, or housewarming, always ask them what they are bringing, so you can bring something at the same or lower price point.
4. Ask them how things are, compliment them frequently, once again these people have incredibly low- sense of self and need to be reassured that you are not taking anything from them, when you are with them it is all about THEM!

Cheers to dealing with EVERYONE!!!

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