Winter Bargains

I am so glad to see 2012 GO!!

However, before 2012 ended, I did snag some great deals for winter.

Every person needs at two pairs of boots, one for everyday and one for those winter snow days and for skiing.

Here are the deals that I got on boots:

1. Steve Madden Knee Length Boots-
These boots are for everyday and date night. They are stylish and have a wedge so it is great to wear with dresses. They normally retail for 189.00 plus tax, I snagged them for 88.00 plus tax and shipping. In classic black, they feel great and are really warm.

2. Sporto Boots-
Time to hit the slopes or just shovel snow, so I needed a great boot that could weather just about any type of snow and rain terrain. So I snagged the knee length Sporto boot is a slate/gray metallic color, got to be stylish when skiing or shoveling the snow right?
These are a completely flat style and have great traction for snow and ice, these were a tad expensive at 99.00 dollars, but free shipping can't beat it!

3. Printed Tights-
I saw another website that had printed hosiery for 2 for 24.00, I bought two packs of 3 pairs of textured hosiery for 24.00. 6 pairs of hosiery of the price of 2, great deal!

4. Sporto Winter Hat-
I also snagged a great Sporto Gray Hat which is really warm for $12.00.

5. Winter Underwear-
Snagged great deals on unmentionables from, 30% already reduced items, every person needs great undergarments to start the year right!

So, I won't be shopping for clothing for a while, but I did want to share my great finds for Winter Basics.

Cheers to a Happy Winter!

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