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Mid Fall Beauty Finds

Fall in NYC has arrived!

With that it means colder air, drier and chapped skin, so here are some fall finds that would take care of these needs.

1. Organix--Hibicicus and Coconut Body Wash this body wash is amazing! You can purchase it at

2. Soap and Flake Away Scrub-- One of the reasons why we love this product is because it is made from pumice the same material that one finds in a pumice stone. We love this product and it can be found at

3. Sparkle is on at SINful nail polishes the colors that compliment the fall cobalt blue and orange and burgundy tones are wonderful, and can be found at the price at 1.99 can't go wrong!

4. Suave Coco and Shea Butter Lotion is great for those cold days and chapping occurs.

5. Foot Salve a must have for the fall and winter days, this amazing product can be found at

Cheers to our mid- fall beauty finds!

How to Fight Food Cravings!

Some people use food as an emotional release and when they are upset they eat

Also, if you watch enough Food Network or cooking competitions you think you too are headed to the kitchen to try a new recipe or look for food.

Here are some ways I found helpful when faced with food cravings:

1. Ask am I really hungry?
2. If you are upset or anxious about something, ask yourself why are you emotionally upset? Is there anything that you can do in the present moment to change your circumstances? What would you do differently given the opportunity?
3. Also, people can upset you to point where you want to call Domino's- In that instance- Count to 10 and ask yourself why am I allowing myself to be negatively influenced by others?
4. Distract yourself by doing something constructive such as journaling, or doing an art project, or reading a good book.
5. Breathe your way to a good start!

Cheers to fighting those cravings!

Tailgating Recipe- Slow Cooked Short Ribs

Sports season is here and you decide to go tailgating.

What do you do when you get invited to a tailgating party?

Tailgating can go from the very lavish- lobster and rib eye steaks, to just hamburgers and hot dogs.

This recipe is sure to make anyone crowd, cheer for joy.

Slow Cooked Short Ribs:
1. 10 lbs. of beef short ribs
2. 2 Cases of Gusiness Stout Beer
3. 10 Bay Leafs
4. 1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
5. 5 Sprigs of Thyme
6. Five Sliced Onions

Wash the meat with water and lemon juice. Marinade the meat in roasters with the beer, bay leafs, sugar and thyme for a day, so two days before the game.

The night before game day at 7pm put the meat in the oven for 350 degrees.

Short ribs are a very tough cut of meat so the alcohol breaks down the meat, but you still need to slow cook the ribs for about 5 hours min. At midnight turn off the meat allow it to cool then put meat in the fridge.

Early morning of game day 6am put the meat back in the oven at 350 degrees until you are ready to leave. This…

When to "TREAT" Yourself

Many women think that daily grooming is part of "treating themselves."

You are suppose to give yourself weekly facials, replace ratty underwear, exercise and weekly manicures/ pedicures, etc.

But, what is a "TREAT"? A treat is something that is well deserved break from your normal routine.

A treat is not a $5000.00 vacation or 15,000.00 handbag or a box of chocolate candy.
 I have come to realize that treats are little things that in the quiet moments of a hectic day you can enjoy and savor.

My point is the people at POPSUGAR and Fab Fit Fitness curate the most amazing "TREATS" they are all full size products and when you had enough with the day, the white and pink boxes make anyone smile.

So for 38.11 a month with POPSUGAR and 49.99 every 4 months with FFF, the mini treats that you get you look forward to yourself congratulating you on a job well done.

Cheers to economical ways to TREAT yourself.

The Best in Discounts Books

The majority of our audience loves to read and loves books.

So, it is no surprise we found great books for such a deep discount, we mean over 80 percent.

1. Go to trendy, high priced neighborhoods in your city and visit the Barnes and Noble in that area.

2. The normally have the bargain books section, which is great those are normally, 50 percent off.

3. To get the books for 80 to 90 percent you should check out the tables for 3.99 and the ones that have red dot discounts.

We scored several hardcover books on floral arrangements, bridal books- someone is getting married, parenting and pregnancy, and great classic business basics.

The wonderful thing is that we didn't have to pay any shipping or handling!

Cheers to expanding your mind!

Game Night Recipe: Hot Open Faced Sandwiches

Ladies football season is here and there is nothing we can do about it, especially if your man is a football fan!

So instead of being passive aggressive when game time comes and if you don't want him
over someone else's home all the time, here's how to host Sport Night:

1. Most men love sandwiches, so instead of ordering a foot long from the deli, here's my take:

Hot Open Faced Sandwiches:
1. Sausage and Peppers
2. Roast Beef and Swiss Au Ju
3. Eggplant and Roasted Peppers
4. Classic Cuban

If you have ten men coming over, then prepare three sandwiches each, so that they can eat during the game, cut them in half for half- time and send each guy home with one sandwich. Men will love it and you will score major with your hubby.

Here are the easy ways that you make the sandwich's from Friday.
Friday Buy the Meats and Marinade
1. Marinade a lean cut of Roast Beef with Black Pepper, Garlic and Thyme.
2. Marinade a boneless cut of Pork Shoulder with 15 cloves of garlic, …

NYFW ReCap: Adolfo Sanchez Spring/Summer 2014

Fashion Week was last week, we know, but our favorite L.A. Designer Adolfo Sanchez, didn't do the traditional "runway" show.

His show was very unique but his designs as always were awesome.

Before launching out on his own, Adolfo worked with some of the best designers in NYC, until he headed West and that's when his line came to the forefront.

Adolfo look is very bold, daring, yet has a classy elegance about it.

He was very generous to provide our audience with a clip of his show.

Just click on the link below: Cheers to Adolfo Sanchez and all the designers of NYFW!

Do You Personality Profile?

We all heard of racial profiling, this summer in the USA.

However, have you ever been in a group of people and you had falling out with one person, then you stop associating with the whole group?

This is called personality profiling- when people judge the actions of others based on their associations.

How many times have we missed out developing great relationships with people, just because of their association.

I know you have heard people say "birds of a feather, flock together." But truth is some people in a group are totally clueless that fractions exist within the group or people don't like each other.

So here are some helpful tips when you are getting ready to personality profile:
1. Write down who in the group has specifically offended you, how and why.
2. Write down your part in the situation.
3. Write down how you would like to resolve the situation between the offender and you.
4. If it is a group that you truly enjoy make a vow, not to let this person "ru…

Book Report: P.S. You're Invited

This season we decided to focus on Home Decorating and DIY books.

Most people think DIY and they think-- cheesy friendship bracelets that you made in summer camp.

Well, Erica Domesek took the cheesy out of DIY and put a glam spin on it.

She shows readers how to made elegant color stemmed champagne flutes using NAIL POLISH.

I am certain we have all seen the gorgeous shoes with the fur trim around them, she shows us how to use a piece of fur to glam up the shoes.

There is even a DIY project for a cork clutch--No you will not have to drink 100 bottles of wine to make, but the cork clutch looks brilliantly elegant with glitter blast spray... look out!

OK, maybe fashion isn't your thing but, you need a spruce up your kitchen or living room, the Moroccan Tile Mirror, is out of this world!!

What we enjoyed about this book is Erica gives you photos of the materials that she uses with every project, which is brilliant because most DIY books tell you about a website you are on off on your …

Keys to a Healthy Body

Now that NYFW is over, every woman is some how on a diet to get the latest model look.

Coming from a family whose family members are models (sorry guys, they are all taken), it can create havoc on your self-esteem.

To keep all things in perspective when you are starting a lifestyle change/weight loss:

1. Do not look at any fashion magazines for three months. Constantly comparing yourself to .0005 percent of a population isn't healthy.
2. Celebrate small wins not by eating, but by taking a selfie for YOU!
3. Get out and walk everyday.
4. Go to a salon and ask to meet with a stylist that can give you a new look. Don't wait until you lose a certain amount of weight. Small wins equals big changes.
5. Continue to swap out unhealthy foods for healthy foods, if you have a sweet tooth, then for dessert have a banana shake with almond milk and a dash of cinnamon. Wonderful!
6. Make your own pizza using veggies for toppings and not sausage or pepperoni.
7. Get your sleep! Sleep deprivation equal…

SINFUL Savings

The latest fall colors are out:

1. Mid-Night Blue-
Wonderful to wear with those denim outfits. Especially your crop denim blazer or shirt dress

2. Gray-
Excellent to wear for business meetings and work affairs.

3. Hologram Silver-
This color is wonderful for those evening galas, matches almost everything.

So, we got an offer three nail polishes buy three get one free.  Sounded great especially since one nail color cost 6.49. Then I had to run an errand and found myself at Duane Read (in NYC), low and behold, SIN!!!

SINFUL Colors professional nail polishes:
They had the:
1. Midnight Blue (check)
2. Gray (check)
3. Hologram Purple/ Silver (check)

Now for the price check:
All are full sized bottles, for $1.99 each, yes 1.99 each, so all of the fall colors that are rage for this season, we got for a total of $6.50 that is included taxes.

Our savings was over $20.00!

Love savings and love my new nail colors...

Cheers to being nail polish savvy!

Wish List for Fashion Jewelry

As a former Art History student, museums are my source of inspiration.

Lucky NYC next to Paris and Italy has some of the greatest museums to be inspired.

My favorite artist of all time is Georgia O'Keeffe her work surpassed all forms of beauty and it ranged from silhouettes of "plus size" women to gorgeous flowers.

To all my jewelry designers out there it would be wonderful to see a floral accessory line that is based on the work of O'Keeffe.

I know the floral statement necklace has been done so many times. However, I would love to see large floral earrings based on her work, as I stare at the violet that she painted the vibrancy of the colors are amazing.

Or how about Starry Night earrings in blue lapis encrusted in diamonds, so wonderful!

Looking at The Scream, I would do button earrings in an orange and gray motif.

How would I pay tribute to Michael Angelo?
Crushed blue topaz with white diamonds with a sketch of the St. Peter and a gold cross in the background.

Charity Spotlight: Harboring Hearts: Emergency Fund

Let's take a break from the Fashion Action and focus on giving back for a minute.

Harboring Hearts is a  national 501 (c) 3 charity that provides assistance to families of cardiac patients, it was founded by a brave young woman Michelle Javian, whose family spent over a year caring for her father as he underwent a heart transplant at the Cardiac Center at NY Presbyterian Hospital.

During her hospital visits she noticed many families at the hospital, didn't have a place to stay as most of them were from outside the NYC area, when she would visit her father, she would bring extra pillows, and order trays of home cooked food for them.

Unfortunately, Michelle's father lost his battle with heart disease, however this did not stop Michelle from providing assistance to the families who still need this vital service, she founded Harboring Hearts. Harboring Hearts has expanded from pillows to food and provides temporary housing to out of town families, family fun days at area hospi…

DELUXE Edition

Every once and a while, we must divert our attention from savings to the world of SPLURGE!!

This a list comprises things that I every once and while we should treat ourselves.

House of Chanel:
The signature Chanel suit for afternoon tea at The Plaza, says that you are worthy of all things great. The tailoring and lines of a Chanel suit are a work of art.

Naseem Khan:
His infusion of sparkle and East meets West are subtle, sophisticated, and brilliant. Equally the jewelry that his wife designs are statement pieces that can compliments his collections.

Tory Burch:
Her designs are simply one of a kind, I can't wait for Spring 2014, her white tunic which was featured at her Spring 2014 show is a statement piece, which worn at evening summer soirees, gives a classic yet elegant look. And who can forget her comfy signature ballet flats. 

DVF- Diane Von Furstenberg:
Her signature wrap dress can never be duplicated, it is truly a one of kind classic look, that flatters any body type.


Take Advantage of Bichbox Discount

Our friends at Birchbox through an amazing party for bloggers on Monday, to kick off Fashion Week.

We had loads of fun and those women really know how to throw a party.

There thank you to the blogging community and to you is a 15% off discount when you $50.00 in the Birchbox Shop on their website

The code is BIRCHBLOGGER15 in the promo code area and enjoy the discounts!

Cheers to savings and to our friends at Birchbox!

Fall Beauty Savings 101

This article will seem paradoxical at first but trust me in the end you will save big!!

So I calculated how much it would cost to go to a reputable spa and have a weekly mani/pedi and facial done:

The Results
Average Mani/Pedi costs around: 50.00 per week including tip.
Facials start at 100.00 and up every two weeks.
If you are going out on the town and want to run into a Sephora and M-A-C counter to do your make-up the cost is $75.00 not including products. Say that is twice a week.

So we are looking at over 1500.00 a month for a beauty regimen at a place that you won't catch a fungal disease.

Our Finds:
Daily Beauty Cleanser:
Olay Deep Pore Regenerist w/ Exfoliating Brush- 8.75 per tube brush one time deal of 29.99
Weekly Facial- SK-II Facial Masks from a Major Department store- 125.00 for 10 sheets, so ten weeks worth of facials.
Because I bought it at a Reputable Department Store- Bloomingdale's- They gave me a SK-II bonus product.
Daily Serum from Khiel's SPF and Vita…

How to Give Advice to Job Seekers

HBO did a series last year called Unemployed in Long Island, the new reality is many people who did the "right thing" such as go to college, get an advanced degree and get a "good job" are still struggling.

This HBO series showed a 50 year old unemployed VP, who went to look for work at Best Buy as a entry- level employee, and was instantly rejected and was humiliated in the process, at the end of the show, he did find some employment.

Some people looking from the outside looking in at his or millions of other Americans, see the following:
1. He/She is well educated, he must not have a job because he is lazy.
2. If he/she would just take anything maybe he would have a shot at advancement.
3. He/She is taking advantage of their parents by moving back home.
4. Why doesn't he/she just go on welfare?

Truth is many unemployed Americans are not lazy, there are some real barriers to employment that highly qualified Americans face.
Employers stance:
1. Too much experie…

Home Goods Alert: Ramekins

If there is one home good I love are Ramekins.

What are Ramekins- ramekins are porcelain round containers that are used typically used for baking.

However my love for Ramekins extend far beyond a crème bruele,

Mac N Cheese:
Mac N Cheese and serve it to your family or guests, 6 oz. serving of Mac N Cheese is standard and healthy. It will leave guests satisfied without wanting more versus serving it a big casserole dish.

Fruit Pies/ Crisps:
Fall is among us and take your favorite pie filling, line the ramekin with pastry dough, or put a crumble topping on it and bake, wonder/desserts for the fall again without people running to the gym or falling asleep at the dinner table because of a sugar high.

Cereal Bowls:
Cereal even granola has tons of sugar so again a 6 oz. serving will get you going, excellent for the kids as well.

What to serve seafood bisque or gumbo as a first course this is an excellent way to do so, again portion control.

So these are just a few ways, why I love Ramekins!!


Check List to Lock Up Your Summer Home

Labor Day is the official end to summer. So you need prepare for the winter with your second home.

Start this week,
Pantry Cleaning:
By cleaning out the fridge and pantry-- any boxed foods--pasta, cereal, pasta sauces, start putting them in airtight big containers for the ride to your main home. Eat out for the next couple of days.

Before you shut off the water completely, put Draino down the pipes to clear the pipes from any food or hair particles.

Home Décor:
Start putting your vases, dishes, away wrap them in newspaper and again store them in airtight containers. The same for pillows. Have all your throws and area rugs be taken to a professional cleaner and stored as well. You never know there could be a bad winter storm, etc.

The very last week strip all linens, kids take their favorite sleeping pillows home. All the rest you can store in airtight waterproof containers.

Before you head back to your main residence, have a professional plumber come in and turnoff all the w…