Book Report: P.S. You're Invited

This season we decided to focus on Home Decorating and DIY books.

Most people think DIY and they think-- cheesy friendship bracelets that you made in summer camp.

Well, Erica Domesek took the cheesy out of DIY and put a glam spin on it.

She shows readers how to made elegant color stemmed champagne flutes using NAIL POLISH.

I am certain we have all seen the gorgeous shoes with the fur trim around them, she shows us how to use a piece of fur to glam up the shoes.

There is even a DIY project for a cork clutch--No you will not have to drink 100 bottles of wine to make, but the cork clutch looks brilliantly elegant with glitter blast spray... look out!

OK, maybe fashion isn't your thing but, you need a spruce up your kitchen or living room, the Moroccan Tile Mirror, is out of this world!!

What we enjoyed about this book is Erica gives you photos of the materials that she uses with every project, which is brilliant because most DIY books tell you about a website you are on off on your own.

Kudos to Erica Domesek for her wonderful book and Thanks to POPSUGAR for selecting her in the Sept. Must Have Box.

Cheers to DIY!!!!

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