Check List to Lock Up Your Summer Home

Labor Day is the official end to summer. So you need prepare for the winter with your second home.

Start this week,
Pantry Cleaning:
By cleaning out the fridge and pantry-- any boxed foods--pasta, cereal, pasta sauces, start putting them in airtight big containers for the ride to your main home. Eat out for the next couple of days.

Before you shut off the water completely, put Draino down the pipes to clear the pipes from any food or hair particles.

Home D├ęcor:
Start putting your vases, dishes, away wrap them in newspaper and again store them in airtight containers. The same for pillows. Have all your throws and area rugs be taken to a professional cleaner and stored as well. You never know there could be a bad winter storm, etc.

The very last week strip all linens, kids take their favorite sleeping pillows home. All the rest you can store in airtight waterproof containers.

Before you head back to your main residence, have a professional plumber come in and turnoff all the water in the house and check all the pipes. You would hate to for next spring to have a flood because there was water in pipes from the summer that froze in the winter and then bursted.

Also, shut off all electricity and unplug all electrical items, and put sheet covers on furniture.

I know it sounds like a lot but you or your family worked hard to have a summer home so take time to properly shut it down.

Cheers to safety and a great maintenance of your summer home!

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